AMX Mod X 1.71 Changes

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AMX Mod X 1.71 is a bugfix release targeted at the few major issues found from 1.70.

  • Added plugin optimizer tweaking to core.ini.
  • Added new "binary logging" feature for serious debugging. Note that this requires a "Binary Logging" compiled version of AMX Mod X (downloaded separately).
  • Improved HUD synchronization algorithm (both in efficiency and fluidity).
  • Removed "languages.dat" and "dictionary.cache" file. Language files are now parsed and cached at load in memory only. Furthermore, the files are only reparsed on changes.
  • Menus with no pages or one page are no longer paginated.
  • Added rmdir, getc, ungetc, and putc natives.
  • Added arrayset native (for clearing large arrays quickly).
  • Added "Skip HLTV" flag to get_players.
  • Added ClientUserInfoChanged forward to Fakemeta.
  • Added more string compatibility to Fakemeta.
  • Added advanced keyvaluedata and traceresult manipulation to Fakemeta.
  • Added global data retrieval to Fakemeta.
  • Added menu_cancel native.
  • Added HUD sync points to all stats scripts to avoid HUD overlapping.
  • Updated GEOIP library to April.
  • Fixed plmenu not killing players on teamswitch.
  • Fixed adminslots not working.
  • Fixed a bug where native handlers wouldn't work in rare cases.
  • Fixed amxx_logging mode 2 not working.
  • Fixed crash bug with plugin optimizer on AMD K6 processors.
  • Fixed dir_exists not working in Windows.
  • Fixed ExecuteForward not returning results properly.
  • Fixed armoury entity natives on Linux (thanks AndraX2000).
  • Fixed many weapons in TFCX not logging hit areas at all.
  • Fixed stack corruption bugs in miscstats (cstrike).
  • Fixed hud problems in miscstats (cstrike) by adding more HUD sync points.
  • Fixed scrollmsg showing a "delayed movement" scroller.
  • Fixed a bug in the "split" stock.
  • Fixed a few (potentinal) bugs in studio and updated every 3rd party component
  • Fixed amx_addadmin having wrong access level (thanks Twisted).