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If you would like to write documentation in other language than English, start here. Every related content in any language is welcome.

Other languages are not required to be a mirror of the english documentation. Translation are welcome, but unique content is welcome, too.

Language selection

Switching is done by just adding the language code as prefix.

A fast and efficient way to add a language switch is to use


somewhere in the template, preferrably at the top or bottom. This leads to a small menu looking like this:

Warning: This template (and by extension, language format) should not be used, any pages using it should be switched to Template:Languages

View this page in:  English  Russian  简体中文(Simplified Chinese)

When a new language is added to the wiki, this template will be changed accordingly, so it will be up to date on all pages that use it.

How to translate a page

1) Navigate to page you want to translate.

2) select edit (top tab) and add the languageswitch at the top if not there already.

3) copy entire content

4) Save (so that the language switch gets posted)

5) There should now be a new Language Selector at the top of the page like on this page.

6) Select (click) language you want to translate to.

7) Paste content into text area

8) Begin translating, saving as you go.

This approach will give a full version of the current document in your language and you can now translate in place whatever area/section you wish.