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The following is a full list of SourceMod's base plugins and the purpose of each one.

Plugins with a bold name are safe to be used in War Mode, as they do not contain anything that could be considered abusive or unfair.

Default Plugins

Plugin Purpose
admin-flatfile Loads admins from the admin configuration files.
adminhelp Provides the sm_help command (lists other commands and their syntax).
adminmenu Provides the admin menu API and core features.
antiflood Prevents clients from spamming messagemode/chat.
basebans Provides basic banning commands and menu options.
basechat Provides commands and menu options for managing player's abilities to use voice chat or say chat.
basecomm Provides functionality for tweaking how players can communicate (in comparison to sv_alltalk).
basecommands Provides basic administrative commands unrelated to player abuse (for example, map changing, kicking, and cvar changing).
basetriggers Provides automated responses to phrases such as "nextmap", "thetime", and "timeleft".
basevotes Provides basic voting commands, such as map voting.
clientprefs Adds a console based (sm_cookies) and menu based (sm_settings) inteface for clients to access their settings.
funcommands Provides "fun" commands, like slapping.
funvotes Provides votes based on basefuncommands.
nextmap Allows admins or other plugins to dynamically alter or retrieve the effective mapcycle.
playercommands Adds commands sm_slap, sm_slay, and sm_rename
reservedslots Allows the server to have slots that are reserved for administrators (or privileged people), to ensure prioritized entry.
sounds Adds command sm_play

Extra Plugins

The following plugins are in the addons/sourcemod/plugins/disabled folder by default, and must be moved out of that folder to be enabled.

If a plugin has cvars, you can load it once to generate its config file in cfg/sourcemod.

Plugin File Purpose
admin-sql-prefetch Loads admins from an SQL database as a big lump every mapchange. If enabled, admin-sql-threaded must be disabled; see SQL Admins.
admin-sql-threaded Loads admins from an SQL database dynamically as each admin connects. If enabled, admin-sql-prefetch must be disabled; see SQL Admins.
mapchooser Provides an automated system for players to vote for map changes. If enabled, randomcycle should be disabled. Cvars are generated in mapchooser.cfg.
randomcycle Randomizes the map cycle. If enabled, mapchooser should be disabled. Cvars are generated in randomcycle.cfg.
rockthevote Provides a player-initiated system for players to vote for map changes. Cvars are generated in rtv.cfg.