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Disclaimer: The viability of the information listed herein is not guaranteed. AlliedModders and wiki contributors are not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the use of said 'information'. THE INFORMATION IS PROVIDED 'AS-IS'.

Basic Information

Classname: CBasePlayer
Description: Base representation of a player in the Source Engine.
Virtual Table Dump: CBasePlayer Offset List (Counter-Strike: Source)
Class Hierarchy: (Highest to Lowest): CBasePlayer -> CBaseCombatCharacter -> CBaseFlex -> CBaseAnimatingOverlay -> CBaseAnimating -> CBaseEntity -> IServerEntity -> IServerNetworkable -> IHandleEntity

Entity Properties

Current as of September 30, 2008 Some possibly useful offsets for CBasePlayer taken from

 -Member: pl (offset 2340)
 -Member: m_hVehicle (offset 2500)
 -Member: m_hUseEntity (offset 2484)
 -Member: m_iHealth (offset 136)
 -Member: m_lifeState (offset 140)
 -Member: m_flMaxspeed (offset 3160)
 -Member: m_fFlags (offset 172)
 -Member: m_iObserverMode (offset 2544)
 -Member: m_hObserverTarget (offset 2560)
 -Member: m_iFOV (offset 2548)
 -Member: m_iDefaultFOV (offset 2552)
 -Member: m_hViewModel (offset 3080)
 -Member: m_hViewModel (offset 0)
 -Member: m_szLastPlaceName (offset 3388)


This section will be devoted to listing signatures for CBasePlayer.