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Basic Information

  • Classname: CGamePlayerEquip.
  • Inheriting Instance: game_player_equip.
  • Description: This entity allows you to equip a player with specific items when they join a game or at some time during gameplay.

Class Hierarchy

Entity Data


Entity Attributes

  • Name (targetname) - Property used to identify entities.
  • Team Master (master) - The name of a game_team_master can go here so that you can control which team is equipped.


  • To actually specify what you want to be equipped, turn off SmartEdit mode and click Add. The item's name is the key, and the value is the number of items to be given to the player.

For example, a key of 'weapon_rpg' with a value of '3' will equip the player with 3 rockets. Use item_battery for armour and item_healthkit for health. Note that health and armour cannot exceed the normal maximum of 100 each.

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