Module Writing (AMX Mod X)

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AMX Mod X Modules are written in C or C++ (the API is C compatible).

For more information, look in: /cvsroot/amxmodx/amxmodx/sdk

Copy these files into a new folder. The amxxmodule.h/cpp files are the Module SDK backend. You only need to edit the moduleconfig.h file to customize your module.

You can read howto.txt for some brief information.

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The Basics

Okay, this is the basics to coding modules: you use C or C++, the API is C compatible, yep, thats right, so you know, uh, well, uh, you see, uhm... Let me think, holdon, okay, uh, wait, no.... Okay, I thought, now...

The basics - You make natives and stocks and stuff like that.