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Releasing SourceMod

  • Create a git branch.
  • Update master.cfg in buildbot buildmaster. Don't forget to push the change to github.
  • mount -orw /mnt/downloads on web01.
  • mkdir /mnt/downloads/smdrop/<new release folder>, chmod 775 it, fix ownership.
  • mount -oro /mnt/downloads.
  • Fix sm_commit_log by updating last ~N master builds to be the new stable branch.
  • Update ~sourcemod downloads.php.
  • Update ~sourcemod vbcompiler.php.
  • Update forums newpost.php and editpost.php (search for ccversion). Do this on staging, create a production PR in bitbucket, then pull.
  • Create a ~sourcemod/compiler-1.<version> folder, drop spcomp + includes there.
  • Add an entry to web-commit-updater/updater.php for the new version.
  • Force builds on the new dev and stable branches via pushbuild.txt.
  • Add a script for the new version in ~sourcemod/update.
  • Change the ~sourcemod/compiler symlink to the new version.
  • Update hardcoded verison in ~sourcemod compiler.php.
  • git checkout new branch in ~sourcemod/sourcemod, then in /scripts/sourcepawn/exp/docgen/generate