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Welcome to the AMWiki, the unified and collaborative documentation project of the Consortium that runs such projects as AMX Mod X, Metamod:Source, and SourceMod.

How can you get started? Check out the Projects Page to see a general overview. Go to Help to read about the basics and rules of this wiki. Or, if you're looking for something, just use search on the left hand side!

Featured Articles

Optimizing Plugins

This ongoing article goes over many many important issues, tricks, and tips for making your plugins as fast as possible. Users following these directions have noticed significant CPU usage improvements in their CPU-hungry plugins. To visit, just click: Optimizing Plugins

AMX Mod X 1.70 Scripting Changes

AMX Mod X 1.70 has some important scripting changes. It is recommended that serious plugin authors quickly review some of the new features and changes available: AMX Mod X 1.70 Scripting Changes.


AMX Mod X, the powerful and flexible scripting environment for Half-Life 1.

Metamod:Source, the ultimate plugin API for Half-Life 2, featuring interface hooking and a versatile plugin API.


AMX Mod X 1.70
2006-03-04: New version of AMX Mod X was released for bugfixes. See the homepage. Developers should look at the featured articles, Optimizing Plugins and AMX Mod X 1.70 Scripting Changes.
Metamod:Source 1.2.1
2006-02-15: New version of SourceMM was released for bugfixes. See the homepage.
Wiki Launched!
2006-01-17: Wiki launched! Please post any suggestions in the Main Page Discussion area.