SourceMod 1.6.0 Release Notes

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This page is a work-in-progress as SourceMod 1.6.0 is not yet released.

SourceMod 1.6.0 is a major update with numerous under the hood improvements as well as some user-facing additions.

Overview for Admins

  • New Game Support - SourceMod, including base plugins, now supports Dota 2, Source SDK 2013 mods, Insurgency, Contagion, and Blade Symphony.
  • Updated gamedata for many games and mods.
  • Added support to create custom ban reasons for the basebans plugin (thanks Matthias "Dr. Greg House" Kollek).
  • Many stability fixes.
  • Better performance.

Overview for Developers

  • Added an API for off-thread SQL transactions.
  • Added support for string literal concatenation (with new "..." operator) (thanks Peace-Maker).
  • Adjusted the OnClientSayCommand forwards to be more developer-friendly (thanks SystematicMania).
  • Too much to name here. For overview of all sourcepawn and SM extension API changes and additions, please see SourceMod_1.6.0_API_Changes

Compatibility Issues

In most cases, SourceMod 1.6.0 is fully backward compatible with the 1.5.x releases. The following are the few places where this is not the case.

Float comparisons

Plugins compiled against SM 1.6.0 that use float comparisons will throw errors upon load on older SM versions. This is due to a reworking of how these are handled to provide support for NaN vaules. Plugins compiled on < 1.5.x and earlier will continue to load fine on 1.6.0.

OnClientSayCommand and OnClientSayCommand_Post

Double-quotes are now stripped from the chat message, either quotes on both sides, or single double-quote on either side.

This removes the need for any manual stripping, but may affect some logic already in place. Since these forwards were still fairly new and still receiving fixes for issues in the 1.5.0 and 1.5.1 releases, we wanted to get this change in before use was more widespread.

For more information, see SourceMod_1.6.0_API_Changes#Console


SourceMod 1.6 comes with the following languages translated, thanks to community translators:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Ukrainian


User Changes

  • Added support for Dota 2 (bug 5656, bug 6068).
  • Added support for Source SDK 2013 mods (bug 5917).
  • Added support for Insurgency (bug 5951).
  • Added support for Contagion (bug 6007).
  • Added support for Blade Symphony (bug 5949).
  • Updated support for some mods that moved to SDK 2013*No More Room In Hell, Fistful of Frags, Empires, Synergy.
  • Updated gamedata and other support for TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM, CS:S, CS:GO, Left 4 Dead, and Nuclear Dawn.
  • Added support for customizing ban reasons in basebans.sp (bug 5762) (Matthias "House" Kollek).
  • Added support for searching all gameinfo search paths when seeking mapcycle file (bug 5839).
  • Added sm_reload_translations command (bug 5750).
  • Added support for single-file gamedata custom overrides (bug 5386) (Ondrej "Ravu al Hemio" Hošek).
  • Re-enabled SteamAuthstringValidation config option by default (bug 5791, PR 20).
  • Fixed plugins not reaching ext dep lists, making dependent plugin not unload on ext unload (bug 5851) (Peace-Maker).
  • Added printing of SendProp flags to netprop dumps (bug 6082).
  • Removed support for obsolete plugin_settings.cfg (bug 5605).
  • Fixed error log filename date sometimes being incorrect (bug 5761) (Matheus "M28" Valadares).
  • Dump handle information when a plugin is forcefully unloaded. (bug 5666).
  • Fixed sm_cancelvote not resetting rtv state. (bug 5808) (Peace-Maker).
  • Fixed Mapchooser dying on single map rotation servers (bug 5179).
  • Fixed various problems with unloading ClientPrefs and SourceMod (bug 5874).
  • Fixed "sm version" command reporting incorrect compile time in many cases (bug 6078) (SystematicMania).
  • Clear default database driver reference if backing extension is unloaded (bug 5934) (Peace-Maker).
  • Moved funcommands material and sound definitions to gamedata for easier cross-game support (bug 6085).
  • Implement a watchdog timer for scripts that take too long to execute (bug 5837).
  • Use Linux game data for offsets and signatures/symbols on OS X if Mac-specific data is not available (bug 6056).

Developer Changes

  • Added an API for off-thread SQL transactions. (bug 3775, PR 26).
  • Added string literal concatenation using ellipses "..." (bug 4261, PR 5) (Peace-Maker).
  • Added support for nested datatables. (bug 5446).
  • Added PbRemoveRepeatedFieldValue native (bug 6066).
  • Added support for getting/setting protobuf enum values with PbGetInt, PbSetInt, and PbAddInt natives.
  • Removed deprecated PbReadRepeated natives that existed briefly in 1.5.0-dev prerelease versions.
  • Added RequestFrame native for one-off next-frame actions (bug 5965).
  • Added CS_DMG_HEADSHOT define for CS:S and CS:GO (PR 7) (Bara20).
  • Added CS_SLOT_KNIFE define for CS:S and CS:GO (bug 6131).
  • Updated TF_WEAPON enum (PR 37) (FlaminSarge).
  • Added TFHoliday_AprilFools to TFHoliday enum (bug 6092) (Powerlord).
  • Added new TF2_IsHolidayActive native to TF2 Ext (bug 6095).
  • Switch TF2 extension to hook CTFGameRules::IsHolidayActive for holiday forward (bug 6137, PR 42).
  • Added GetPlayerJingleFile native. (bug 5690) (FlaminSarge).
  • Added PrepSDKCall_SetAddress and Address support to PrepSDKCall_SetFromConf (bug 5261).
  • Added ability to disable TopMenu Title Caching (bug 6034) (Peace-Maker).
  • Added DisplayTopMenuCategory native (bug 6033) (Peace-Maker).
  • Added support for Valve search paths to GetFileSize native (bug 5931).
  • Fixed invalid entities sometimes passed to OnEntityCreated and OnEntityDestroyed (bug 6119).
  • Fixed inconsistencies with OnClientDisconnected foward calls (bug 5988, PR 16).
  • Changed OnClientSayCommand to now pass non-silent chat triggers onward (bug 5926) (SystematicMania).
  • Changed OnClientSayCommand forwards to strip quotes from chat (bug 5986) (SystematicMania).
  • Fixed FindStringIndex native not returning INVALID_STRING_INDEX when string not found (bug 6144, PR 40).
  • Fixed GroundEntChanged hooks not being called (bug 6050) (Peace-Maker).
  • Fixed INetChannelInfo natives to no longer require clients to be ingame (bug 5775) (SystematicMania).
  • Fixed replace param being respected inconsistently in SetTrieArray (bug 6113).
  • Fixed crash creating a timer when there are no handles available. (bug 5317) (Peace-Maker).
  • Fixed crash in ReconnectClient and InactivateClient natives when IServer ptr is null (bug 6122).
  • Fixed StoreFromAddress and LoadFromAddress continuing with bad values, usually crashing after error (bug 6080).
  • Fixed compiler bug with multidimensional array variable release (bug 6100).
  • Changed float comparison operators to return false for NaN (bug 6107).
  • Added support in spcomp for sp/inc files > 32767 lines (bug 5959).
  • Fixed FindFlagChar returning '?' for Admin_Custom6.
  • Fixed AllPluginsLoaded activities happening before SM is loaded.
  • Deduplicated a number of files used by extensions by moving them to the public directory (bug 5341).
  • Removed 'state' keyword from compiler (bug 4572) (Ryan "VoiDeD" Stecker).
  • Removed LogMessageEx definition from because it never existed (bug 5897) (Peace-Maker).
  • Removed native override API (bug 5852).
  • Call OnLibraryAdded for all available libraries (bug 5925, PR 4).
  • Made IGameConfig::GetMemSig return value clearer (bug 6081).
  • Switched StringToInt(Ex) from using strtol to strtoul internally (bug 5939).
  • Added an spcomp option to print #included files (bug 5997).
  • Recompiled Regex extension libpcre against v8.32, enabling utf8, unicode props, and jit (bug 5593).
  • Optimized native calls if statically bound (bug 5842).

Internal Changes

  • Now using new AlliedModders Template Library (AMTL) in many places,
  • Ported buildscripts to new AMBuild2 platform,
  • Moved much logic from core to logic binary to reduce file sizes and compile times (bug 5606, bug 5607, bug 5680, bug 5953, PR 12, PR 13).
  • Refactored the JIT to use a newer, simpler macro assembler. (bug 5827).
  • Added sourcepawn interpreter (bug 5902).
  • Added support for compiling spcomp with emscripten.
  • Rewrite IThreader implementation around new synchronization primitives (bug 5862).
  • Rewrite DBManager to use the new synchronization primitives (bug 5870).
  • Overhauled internals of ClientPrefs extension for improved stability (bug 5538).
  • Changed ShareSys to store C++ native lists more optimally (bug 5852).
  • Simplified NativeEntry state (bug 5852).
  • Changed NativeEntry to use Refcounted to manage (bug 5852).
  • Switched Translator and GameConfigs to hash tables (bug 5878).
  • Switched numerous subsystems from KTrie to AMTL NameHashSet (bug 5884).
  • Refactored Trie natives to use AMTL HashMap isntead of KTrie (bug 5892).
  • Removed usages of memtables from many subsystems (bug 5899).
  • Changed EventHook name storage to use AMTL AString (bug 6188).
  • Replaced SH List usages in game extensions with AMTL variants (PR 23).
  • Replaced SourceHook list usages in clientprefs with AMTL (PR 25).
  • Changed floating-point operations to use SSE when available (bug 5841).
  • Moved tracker related opcodes entirely to C++.
  • Statically align the stack at function boundaries (bug 5842).
  • Removed InfoVars, reassigned DAT from EBP to ESI to preserve C++ stacktraces in JIT code (bug 5844).
  • Fixed dereferencing potential null pointer in CPlugin::GetProperty (bug 5725).
  • Fixed memory corruption when parsing natives. (bug 5840).
  • Fixed some memory errors (bug 5904).
  • Fixed unaligned memory access in spcomp.
  • Move versioning to a static library to improve trivial build speed (bug 5997).
  • Added many missing handle security checks (bug 5595).
  • Made GetEntityClassname get and cache m_iClassname offset from worldspawn for ents not having it in datadesc (bug 5654).
  • Cache m_iEFlags offset for datamaps dump instead of getting for each ent (bug 5657).
  • Fixed mismatched delete [] on thunks in JIT CompData dtor (bug 5639).
  • Fixed various memory issues. (bug 5766).
  • Added reference counting and use it for CGameConfig and IDatabase (bug 5876).
  • Added atomic reference counting and port DBI (bug 5876).
  • Replaced usages of deprecated Sourcehook Add/Remove macros (bug 5631).
  • Fixed SDKHooks hook ent validation missing first datatable name (bug 5881).
  • Fixed case where bots leave server without disconnect notice (hibernation) (PR 20).
  • Changed FindConVar to utilize convar cache for improved performance (PR 27) (VoiDeD).
  • Gave define value (of 1) to PLATFORM defs to match the same-name defs in some SDKs (PR 10).
  • Wrapped ClientPrintf into IGamePlayer (bug 6021).
  • Consolidated FileExists usage in logic bin (bug 5931).
  • Removed hardcoded paths to tier0/vstdlib in ICommandLine lookup.
  • Use updated IServerTools iface on TF2 for getting tempent list and FindEntityByClassname (PR 33).
  • Added early exit in entity output detour if entity has no classname to prevent crash.
  • Updated SDKTools entity output functions to use core's GetEntityClassname instead of own (PR 39).
  • Consolidated SDKTools entity factory lookups.
  • Changed SDKTools PlayerRunCmd to a global vtable hook to improve performance (bug 6051).
  • Changed SDKHooks to use global vtable hooks to improve performance (bug 6070).
  • Added client validation checks to EmitSound SoundsHooks (bug 5873).
  • Added missing meta results to some pre-hooks in SDKHooks.
  • Replaced magic numbers for sm_show_activity with named constants (PR 14).