SourceMod 1.7.0 Release Notes

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This page is still a work-in-progress, incomplete and barely edited, as SourceMod 1.7 has not been released yet


User Changes

  • Rewrote internal Steam auth ID handling
    • admins.cfg now supports Steam2, Steam3, and SteamID 64 formats for the Steam auth provider.
    • admins-simple.ini now supports Steam3 auth IDs in addition to Steam2 IDs.
    • Command targeting now supports both Steam3 auth IDs in addition to Steam2 IDs.
  • SDKTools' gamerules gamedata is now less likely to break on updates.
  • Fixed crash with sm_dump_admcache on Windows.
  • Fixed SDKHooks causing crash on player join/leave or plugin load/unload if gamedata missing.

Developer Changes

  • Added new SourcePawn Transitional Syntax!
  • SDKHooks - Added Blocked and OnTakeDamage_Alive hook types.
  • Many more File natives now support Valve FS.
  • Added SetFilePermissions native.
  • Added API for iterating StringMaps (formerly "tries").
  • Added natives for accessing command line parameters.
  • CloseHandle (or delete) on INVALID_HANDLE is now a no-op, instead of an error.
  • GetClientAuthString is now deprecated. Use GetClientAuthId instead.
  • Added OnCoreMapEnd to extension interface.
  • TFHoliday updates no longer require a plugin recompile.
  • Added support for (entity) CLASSPTR and EDICT Prop_Data fields with GetEntPropEnt and SetEntPropEnt.
  • Added support for custom default values with GetEvent* natives, rather than using ""/0 for unset fields.
  • Removed old profiler, and added new, pluggable profiler (with hooks to VProf).
  • SourceMod now uses some C++11 and has newer compiler requirements.
  • Added --disable-auto-versioning option to ambuild configure script.