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AssKicR, also known as "The Code Monkey" is a 'legendary' coder.

Only known picture of AssKicR

His Life

Not much is known about his childhood, but it is sugguested that he has been crunching code since the day he got his hands on a keyboard. After stubling around without a purpose creating random figments of code he stumbled upon AMX where he started putting his talents to good use. When AMX started mutating into AMXX he followed the flow. Then suddently without warning he dissapeard. After an absense of over a year, where he was forced by the goverment to leave his domain to serve in the army, the code monkey newly surfaced to once again unleach his coding skills upon the world


AssKicR has the following abilities:

  • Code Cruching
  • Cheap Labor (Works for Cookies)
  • Powerfull Work Evading powers
  • Ability to stab you with anything!


  • a Lazy SOB
  • Can be lured with Cookies
  • Penguins makes him stare in awe

An averange day

Sleep, Code, Eat, Code, Toilet, Code, Sleep


Home of the CodeMonkey