AMX Mod X 1.9 Release Notes

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Ambox content soft.svg  This version is not yet released. The release notes are not final.

AMX Mod X 1.9 is a major update, containing many features, fixes, and improvements under the hood.

✓ All old plugins and modules will continue to work.
✓ This release does have new configuration files.
✓ This release does have configuration changes.
✓ This release does include plugin changes.
✓ This release does have translations changes.
✓ This release does not break compatibility.

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Major Highlights


A friendly reminder of the previous announcement on the AMX Mod X website, all development is now done on GitHub.
You can now check out the latest changes on

Any help is welcomed and encouraged. To contribute, there are two ways:

You can see the current PRs here as well:
→ Don't hesitate to give your thoughts or to review, anyone can participate!


The improvements for AMX Mod X 1.9 span the whole project:

  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Official support for ReHLDS and ReGameDLL
  • Greatly improved UTF-8 support across the project
  • Significant improvements to modules and official plugins
  • (Almost) completely revised and completed documentation
  • Tons of new functionalities for plugin developers and admins


For AMX Mod X plugins and modules, this release is fully backward compatible. Anything else is a bug.

However, a lot of legacy AMX Mod (no X) code has been removed, so we no longer guarantee backward compatibility for AMX Mod plugins.

AMX Mod X contains a host of new features for developers, so plugins and modules compiled against AMX Mod X 1.9 will not run on an earlier version.

If we are made aware of compatibility issues, we will list the known issues below while a fix is developed.

Known Issues:

  • None


Upgrading follows the standard procedure, however, there are some specific steps that require additional attention.


your game server is completely stopped as you cannot properly update some files while they are still in use.

  1. Replace all binaries:
    • Any .so Linux.svg or .dll Windows.svg files in /amxmodx/dlls and /amxmodx/modules folders
    • Any .amxx files in /amxmodx/plugins folder
  2. Replace languages files:
    • Any .txt files in /amxmodx/data/lang folder
  3. Replace hamdata.ini in /amxmodx/configs folder
  4. If you do scripting locally:
    • Replace all base includes and source files: any .sma in /amxmodx/scripting folder and .inc in /amxmodx/scripting/include folder
    • Replace the compiler and its binaries in /amxmodx/scripting folder
      • Linux.svg amxxpc and amxxpc32
      • Windows.svg amxxpc.exe and amxxpc32.dll
Note:If you are using ReGameDLL or ReHLDS, make sure you are using a recent version

New files

  • Copy GeoLite2-Country.mmdb to the /amxmodx/data folder (optionally, delete the old GeoIP.dat file)
  • Copy the whole gamedata directory to the /amxmodx/data folder

Config changes

File Changes
amxx.cfg  New cvars
// Server language in ISO 639-1 format
// Please see data/lang/languages.txt file for a list of supported languages
// Default value: en
amx_language "en"
// If you set this to 0, clients will not see a message about amx_langmenu when they join the server
// Default value: 1
amx_language_display_msg 1
// Max temporary ban time (admins with ADMIN_BAN_TEMP access can't ban more than this time)
// time in minutes, 60 is 1 hour, 120 is 2 hours, 1440 is 1 day, and 10080 is 1 week
// Default value: 4320 aka 3 days
amx_tempban_maxtime 4320
// Time to wait (in seconds) before displaying a message about amx_help to a client once joined the server
// Default value: 15
amx_help_display_msg_time 15
// If you set this to 0, clients will not see a message about amx_help when they join the server
// Default value: 1
amx_help_display_msg 1
// Amount of commands per amx_help page
// Default value: 10
amx_help_amount_per_page 10
Note:amx_help_display_msg replaces the DISPLAY_MSG define in admin_help.sma.
Note:amx_help_amount_per_page replaces the HELPAMOUNT define in admin_help.sma.
 Documentation adjusted

Slay is now in the last position. "0" slap damage to the default values was wrongly left out.

// Slay is automaticall inserted as the last option
// Default values: 0 1 5
amx_plmenu_slapdmg 0 1 5

Missing values:

// Show admins activity
// 0 - disabled
// 1 - show without admin name
// 2 - show with name
// 3 - show name only to admins, hide name from normal users
// 4 - show name only to admins, show nothing to normal users
// 5 - hide name only to admins, show nothing to normal users
// Default value: 2
amx_show_activity 2
core.ini  One missing and one new option.
; Admin commnand flag manager
; 0 - enabled
; 1 - disabled
disableflagman 0
; MySQL default timeout
mysql_timeout 60
sql.cfg  New cvar
amx_sql_timeout "60"
users.ini  New flag & documentation adjusted
; d - amx_ban and amx_unban commands (permanent and temporary bans)
; v - amx_ban and amx_unban commands (temporary bans only, about amx_unban, only self performed ban during map gonna be allowed)

Overview for Admins


The AMX Mod X team has made an effort to avoid hard-coding game-specific data into AMXX core and modules. New gamedata files have been created which are located in the amxmodx/data/gamedata/ directory.
These files are now mandatory.

Game data files shipped with AMX Mod X can and will be updated at any time, therefore it is strongly discouraged to edit them manually.
To make custom gamedata changes, please use the custom folder under the gamedata directory. All files under this directory are parsed (in an undefined order) after the main files are loaded. They will never be overwritten.


The GeoIP.dat file is now replaced by GeoLite2-Country.mmdb file.

As usual, a more detailed city version exists but is not provided in the default distribution. Plugins can require this version to operate.

Both (Country: ~2 MB, City: ~30 MB) can be downloaded from the official page: (MaxMind DB binary).


Most plugins received large amounts of code improvements, modernizing and optimizing them using the latest AMXX core features. This also includes a few security fixes.

However, this does not (yet) translate into major user-facing features. We tried to improve internal tools before focusing on that.

The features in this release are:


  • A new access level flag v for temporary bans
  • UTF-8 support in some MOTD

Admin Commands

  • A new amx_extendmap command to extend the time limit of the current map. Usage: <time in minutes>
  • A new amx_xvar_int and amx_xvar_float command

Admin Chat

  • Cooldown on say_team @] to avoid overflow on admins

Admin Help

  • A new amx_searchcmd command to display information about a command. Usage: <match> <entry no.> [no. of entries to display (server only)]
  • The hardcoded defines are replaced with amx_help_display_msg, amx_help_display_msg_time and amx_help_amount_per_page cvars

CS Misc. Stats

  • A new /msounds client command to enable/disable sounds
  • A new option to disable showing last man's health

Players Menu

  • A new Silent Transfer option
  • A new amx_language_display_msg cvar for previously hardcoded DISPLAY_MSG
  • Slay is now the last option in the Slay/Slap Menu

Restrict Weapons

  • The MAPSETTINGS define is replaced by amx_restrmapsettings cvar
  • No more hardcoded multilingual messages
  • Admin activity is displayed on config loading/saving
  • Opened menu is refereshed if the command is used to save/load/set
  • Menu/command items are now grouped per class

Stats X

  • Some translations are now player-specific.

Teleport Menu

  • Possibility of being stuck should be reduced.


Along with fixes, improvements, and completion of existing translations, two new languages are provided:

  • Russian
  • Chinese

Overview for Developers


There are too many additions to list them here in details. For complete API changes and additions, see AMX_Mod_X_1.9_API_Changes.
It is strongly recommended to check out the changes, a lot of information is contained there.


  • Documentation has been updated in many ways.
  • Compiler got a bunch of fixes and minor improvements/features.
  • The API has been updated with various fixes and improvements.
  • New module
  • New core APIs
  • Existing core APIs additions
  • Existing module APIs additions






  • Added license files for GPL2+/GPL3+, updated headers and amxx gpl command (PR 102, PR 103)
  • Deduplicated a number of files used by modules by moving them to the public directory (PR 112)
  • Enabled C++11 support (PR 162)
  • Updated versioning system and added missing module RC file (PR 165)
  • Improved SELinux compatibility (PR 328)
  • Updated Visual Studio projects files (PR 109, PR 247)
  • Added Visual Studio 2015+ support (PR 179, PR 333, PR 397)
  • Added or adjusted a bunch of safety checks (PR 433)




  • Made registered server commands case-insensitive (bug 5625)
  • Extended amxx list command to search with criteria (PR 377)


  • Updated mods list supporting colored menus: DMC, TFC and Valve (PR 143)
  • Fixed unexpected behaviors when a game menu is overlapped with a custom one (bug 3199)
  • Fixed a crash with overlapping newmenu (PR 462)

Module API

  • Added the following functions (see api changes) (PR 97, PR 254, PR 530)
    • MF_SetAmxStringUTF8Char
    • MF_SetAmxStringUTF8Cell
    • MF_GetAmxStringNull
    • MF_GetAmxVectorNull
    • MF_GetConfigManager
    • MF_LoadAmxScriptEx
  • Fixed OnPluginsUnloaded not being called for reloadable modules (PR 485)


  • Improved method to check whether a multilingual file has been processed (PR 213)
  • Fixed dictionary text files parser failing on BOM marking (bug 5858)
  • Fixed missing status reset on successful language key retrieval (bug 5994)


  • Increased get_amxstring buffer size up to 16k (bug 5901)
  • Fixed crash when dynamic native is executed with the max number of params (PR 291)


  • Added plugin version to debug trace information (bug 3649)
  • Removed KTrie dependency to Hash map (PR 8, PR 406)
  • Removed AMX Mod compatibility (PR 31, PR 461)
  • Removed useless natives: hcsardhnexsnu, is_user_hacking, is_rukia_a_hag, and amxx_setpl_curweap (PR 461)
  • Fixed incorrect message error on plugin which uses a deprecated file format (PR 275)
  • Fixed spectator team index not being set in specific situations (Counter-strike only) (PR 15)
  • Fixed an unicode issue with amx_SetStringOld (PR 22, PR 23)
  • Fixed log not written earlier at the first server start (PR 265)
  • Fixed a memory leak when registering a forward fails due to missing callback (PR 465)



  • Added Chinese language (PR 75)
  • Updated Macedonian & Bulgarian translations (PR 477)
  • Updated Hungarian translations (PR 474, PR 494)
  • Fixed incorrect keys in several multilingual files (PR 27)
  • Fixed missing translations for the following languages: de, cz, ro and sr (PR 27)
  • Fixed various translations (PR 67)



Admin Base

  • Directly kick players rather than use a loopback command (bug 5946)
  • Assigned FCVAR_PROTECTED directly in register_cvar instead of after startup (PR 87)
  • Replaced console_print with engclient_print to support connecting players (PR 251, bug 6372)
  • Fixed an issue when not including a port when an admin is added by IP address (bug 5978)

Admin Chat

  • Implemented cooldown on say_team @] to prevent admin's client get overflowed if executed a couple of times (bug 5815)
  • Fixed broken admin chat access consistency (bug 5822)

Admin Commands

  • Added amx_extendmap command (bug 3068)
  • Added amx_xvar command (bug 5896)
  • Added check for empty string in amx_chat command (bug 6017)
  • Trimmed target in amx_ban to prevent bypassing checks (PR 86)
  • Removed slowhack in amx_nick command (bug 5832)
  • Sanitized servercfgfile and lservercfgfile values (bug 6578

Admin Help

  • Added amx_searchcmd command (PR 415, PR 456)
  • Replaced hardcoded defines with amx_help_display_msg, amx_help_display_msg_time and amx_help_amount_per_page cvars (PR 84, PR 415)

CS Misc. Stats

  • Added /msounds client command to enable/disable sounds (bug 5846)
  • Added an option to disable showing last man's health (bug 5847, PR 122)
  • Fixed missing stats sounds, sounds precaching and few bugs (bug 5810)

Map Menu Plugin

  • Fixed possible buffer overflows (PR 91)

Multi-Lingula System

  • Moved amx_language cvar to core (PR 82)


  • Fixed last map not properly saving resulting mapcycle reset at mapchange (bug 5817)
  • Fixed an in-game issue where mp_chattime cvar doesn't exist (bug 5922)

Nextmap Chooser

  • Fixed possible buffer overflows (PR 91)

Players Menu

  • Added Silent Transfer Option (PR 113, PR 161)
  • Added amx_language_display_msg cvar for previously hardcoded DISPLAY_MSG (PR 82)
  • Moved slay as last option instead of first in Slay/Slap Menu (bug 5861)
  • Removed vault usage, amx_setlang and server language from the menu in favor of amx_language (PR 82)
  • Used server language as fallback if client's "lang" key is not defined (PR 106)
  • Fixed player transfer issues (bug 5850)
  • Fixed incorrect language key (PR 32)

Plugin Menu

  • Fixed unreachable code warning (PR 131)

Restrict Weapons

  • Overhauled the plugin (PR 347)
    • Applied general optimization and small QoL changes
    • Moved MAPSETTINGS define to cvar amx_restrmapsettings
    • Made hardcoded messages multilingual
    • Displayed admin activity on config loading/saving
    • Refreshed opened menus if the command is used to save/load/set
    • Grouped visually menu/command items per class

Stats X

  • Moved formatting from LANG_SERVER to player-specific translations where possible (PR 9)


  • Fixed possible out of bound error (bug 5818)

Teleport Menu

  • Improved precision to reduce the possibility of being stuck after teleportation (PR 17)



New Modules

  • Introduced a JSON module (PR 379)


emit_sound Last player wasn't hearing the sound.
e/message_begin, dod_weaponlist Was leading to a crash because engine doesn't like MSG_ONE_* with null entity.
TFC_[Clear/Set]Model Was leading to a crash because of null edict.
set_tr/2 Was not working when used with TR_pHit
pev Was returning 0 used with pev_edict
pev_valid Was returning 0.


  • Added DMG_GRENADE constant (CS Only) (bug 6030)
  • Added missing SVC_ messages (PR 223)
  • Added new xs stocks (PR 426)
    • xs_vec_len_2d
    • xs_vec_distance
    • xs_vec_distance_2d
    • xs_vec_add_scaled
    • xs_vec_sub_scaled
  • Added STATSX_*, DODX_* and MAX_BODYHITS constants for client statistics (PR 509)
  • Allowed arrayset to accept any type (PR 516)
  • Allowed ExecuteForward without need to create variable for returned value (PR 382)
  • Enforced any: tag in several natives header for convenience (PR 166, PR 222, PR 499)
  • Moved string constants and stocks in their own and includes PR 407


New APIs


  • Added ArraySortEx/SortADTArray natives and new Sort_Random sort method (bug 5494, PR 279)
  • Added the following new CellArray natives: ArrayClone, ArrayResize, ArrayFindString and ArrayFindValue (bug 6104, PR 107, PR 408)
  • Added size parameter to ArrayGetArray, ArraySetArray and ArrayPushArray to control the number of elements to use (PR 76, PR 111)
  • Added block parameter to ArrayGetCell and ArraySetCell to specify which block (PR 76, PR 111)
  • Added achar parameter to ArrayGetCell and ArraySetCell value as a byte (PR 76, PR 111)
  • Fixed an overflow issue with ArrayInsertBefore and ArrayInsertAfter (bug 4330)
  • Fixed ArrayDestroy erroring on invalid handle (PR 210)


  • Added TrieGetSize and TrieSnapshot* natives (PR 8)
  • Added new replace parameters for TrieSet* natives to make the operation fail if key already set (PR 8)
  • Added new size parameter for TrieGetString and TrieGetArray to return the number of bytes written in the buffer (PR 8)


  • Added client_disconnected forward to fix player not being internally disconnected in some situation (PR 264, PR 304, PR 334)
  • Added client_remove forward (post version of client_disconnected PR 414
  • Added client_connectex forward to allow to reject player’s attempt to join (PR 322)
  • Added flag parameter to user_silentkill (PR 323)
  • Added find_player_ex native, a wrapper of find_player using flags as strings (PR 389)
  • Added get_players_ex stock, a wrapper of get_players using flags as strings (PR 389)
  • Added get_playersnum_ex native to retrieve directly the player's count using flags as strings (PR 517)
  • Extended client_authorized to pass steam ID (PR 322)
  • Set set_user_rendering default color/amount to 0 to follow game behavior (bug 5772)
  • Allowed the following natives to be used on connecting players: find_player, get_players and engclient_print (console only) (bug 6229, PR 126)
  • Made the body param in get_user_aiming optional (PR 532)
  • Fixed user_slap unexpected behavior when using large negative damage (bug 4975)
  • Fixed missing new line on client console message which is not truncated server-side if its length exceeds buffer size (bug 3140)


  • Added amxclient_cmd native (bug 5887, PR 438, PR 518)
  • Added read_argv_int and read_argv_float to return the value directly as integer or float (PR 366, PR 383)
  • Added a param to register_*cmd and get_*cmd to specify info is a multilingual key in order to encourage command translation (PR 349, PR 434)
  • Fixed a engclient_cmd buffer issue (PR 438)


  • Added new register_event flags to filter humans and bots (bug 5768)
  • Added register_event_ex native, a wrapper of register_event using flags as strings (PR 389)
  • Added enable/disable_event natives (bug 6360, PR 267)
  • Added enable/disable_logevent natives (PR 326)
  • Fixed reentrancy issue when a generated message is sent during register_event forward (bug 3664)


  • Added support for Valve FS to natives that use file handles (PR 217, PR 235, PR 467)
  • Added SetFilePermissions native
  • Added FileReadInt8, FileReadUint8, FileReadInt16, FileReadUint16 and FileReadInt32 natives
  • Added FileWriteInt8, FileWriteInt16 and FileWriteInt32 natives
  • Added GetFileTime native returning a file timestamp as a unix timestamp (bug 4543)


  • Added menu timeout functionality to Newmenu API (PR 21) TODO: link to script changes?
  • Added MEXIT_FORCE to force a proper exit button on unpaginated menus (PR 20)
  • Added MPROP_SHOWPAGE to set whether or not to show the page number in menu title (PR 473)
  • Added menu_addblank2 and menu_addtext2 to fix unexpected behavior with the original ones when slot param is set to 1 (bug 3096)
  • Added menu pagination callback (PR 420)
  • Add default values for menu_item_getinfo's arguments (PR 511)
  • Allowed show_menu native to send empty text + added reset_menu stock (bug 6244, PR 150)
  • Fixed recursion issues with show_menu and newmenus (PR 140, PR 335)
  • Fixed a potential underflow bug which can occur when a non-paginated menu has no items in it (PR 20)
  • Fixed a potential menu handle leak when show_menu is used after a newmenu was opened (PR 21)
  • Fixed MPROP_NOCOLORS menu property not working (PR 283)
  • Fixed missing format param on error in next_hudchannel native (PR 391)
  • Fixed a menu recursion issue (PR 471)


  • Added e/write_/coord/angle/_f and e/message_begin_f natives (bug 5829)
  • Added client_print_color native (Counter-Strike only) (bug 5823, PR 338, PR 504)
  • Added set/show_dhudmessage which uses a different kind of message HUD (hint) (bug 5979)
  • Added client_printex stock (bug 5828, PR 10)
  • Added MSG_INIT support in message_begin native (bug 6254, PR 151)
  • Added elog_message native (PR 451)
  • Set set_hudmessage default channel to -1 to reflect auto-channeling support (bug 5771)


  • Added strtol native (bug 3233)
  • Added strtof native (bug 5909)
  • Added strtok2 which fixes a trim issue with strtok (bug 3993)
  • Added new string-related stocks (bug 6110, PR 327)
  • Added new string-related natives (bug 6110)
  • Added fmt native to format and return a string inline (PR 350)
  • Added support for binary format %b (bug 6110)
  • Added special format specifiers %n and %N (PR 93)
  • Added support for %l format specifier (bug 6361, PR 229, PR 313, PR 320, PR 331, PR 343)
  • Added SetGlobalTransTarget to globally set the player’s language, for use with %l format specifier (PR 229)
  • Added text formatting ability to set_fail_state (bug 5800)
  • Added some UTF-8 compatible natives (PR 407)
    • mb_strotolower
    • mb_strtoupper
    • mb_ucfirst
    • mb_strtotitle
    • is_string_category
  • Made formatting-capable function UTF-8 safe (including precision with %s e.g. %.12s) (bug 6110)
  • Made a bunch of stocks/natives UTF-8 safe (bug 6110, PR 159)
  • Improved UTF-8 support in some natives (PR 407, PR 459)
    • containi
    • strfind (with ignorecase set)
    • strcmp (with ignorecase set)
    • strncmp (with ignorecase set)
    • equali
    • replace_string (with ignorecase set)
    • replace_stringex (with ignorecase set)
    • get_players (with name and ignorecase flags set)
    • find_player (with name and ignorecase flags set)
  • Fixed UTF-8 character parsing due to improper casting (PR 401)
  • Fixed strncmp case sensitivity (PR 314)
  • Fixed a floatround overflow on large numbers resulting in a negative number when optimization is enabled (PR 376)


  • Added GetModelBoundingBox native (bug 3527, PR 536)
  • Added has_map_ent_class native (bug 5814)
  • Added engine_changelevel (PR 104, PR 184, PR 503)
  • Added FP_VAL_BYREF to pass values by reference in forwards (PR 369)
  • Added RequestFrame native (PR 412)
  • Added set_task_ex stock, a wrapper of set_task using flags as strings (PR 389)
  • Added get_user_rendering native (PR 514)
  • Hidden blank line in abort native with AMX_ERR_NONE (bug 6233, PR 125)
  • Improved power native on large number (PR 385)
  • Fixed definite time drift on repeating tasks (bug 3302)
  • Fixed a potential issue in get_plugin (PR 277)
  • Fixed a crash when a dynamic native is executed with the max number of params (PR 291)


  • Added support for Emscripten to the compiler (PR 115)
  • Added the following globals (PR 116)
    • __BINARY_PATH__
    • __BINARY_FILE__
    • __LINE__
  • Added #pragma deprecated (PR 116, PR 307)
  • Added a flag -E to consider all warnings as errors (PR 137)
  • Added string literal concatenation and stringizing operator (PR 173)
  • Added ability to directly reference another address in a default argument (for arrays only) (PR 248)
  • Removed AMX Mod compatibility (PR 31)
  • Increased variable and functions maximum name length from 31 to 63 characters (bug 5924)
  • Increased input line length from 511 to 4095 characters (PR 116)
  • Ignored #pragma tabsize with non-positive argument (PR 116)
  • Improved sizeof return on array without specifying the dimensions (PR 116, PR 158)
  • Improved the reported line number accuracy on warning 203/4 (symbol never used) (PR 116)
  • Used in-memory buffers for reading files, and handling newline better (PR 116)
  • Used hash table for global name lookups (PR 116)
  • Disabled the estimated usage calculation because it doesn’t work well and is not that useful (PR 137)
  • Removed scpack (PR 221, PR 226)
  • Prevented declaring arrays that the compiler is too buggy to handle (PR 248)
  • Fixed returning strings from variadic functions (PR 121, PR 399)
  • Fixed issue with multidimensional array variable release (PR 116)
  • Fixed memory corruption when parsing natives (PR 116)
  • Fixed improper handling of constant chained relational operators, i.e: 0 < 1 <= 2 (PR 116)
  • Fixed bogus assert about name lengths (PR 116)
  • Fixed asserting when returning a string literal (PR 116)
  • Fixed return omission with else-after-return (PR 116)
  • Fixed crash when using tagof(tagname:) (PR 116)
  • Fixed the @ character not being allowed in macro definitions (PR 116)
  • Fixed #elseif handling not working as expected (PR 116)
  • Fixed enum field size was not taken into account when implicitly passed to a function (PR 116)
  • Fixed trailing commas in array literals changing the result of sizeof (PR 163)
  • Fixed regression with member tag of enum is not being checked on assignment (PR 164)
  • Fixed tagof operator used as a default value for function arguments (PR 191)
  • Fixed issue where native functions returning an array would not compile (PR 351)
  • Fixed compilation error for GCC 6 (PR 372)
  • Fixed compilation for Clang 3.5+ (PR 177, PR 361)
  • Fixed inc/dec operators not returning an iEXPRESSION (PR 429)



  • Added CS_OnBuy forward, called right before an item is received (PR 25, PR 68, PR 124, PR 183, PR 263, PR 315, PR 340, PR 334)
  • Added CS_OnBuyAttempt forward, called right after a command is issued (PR 68, PR 263, PR 334)
  • Added cs_create_entity native (PR 189, PR 193)
  • Added cs_find_ent_by_class native (PR 189, PR 193)
  • Added cs_find_ent_by_owner (PR 278)
  • Added cs_set_ent_class native (PR 332, PR 519)
  • Added cs_get_user_weapon_entity and cs_get_user_weapon natives (PR 330, PR 353)
  • Added cs_get_weapon_class and cs_is_valid_itemid stocks for convenience (PR 278)
  • Added cs_get_item_id native to get a CSI_ value from a given alias, weapon_ or item_ (PR 278, PR 342)
  • Added cs_get_translated_item_alias native to get an item name (classname) from a given alias (PR 278, PR 356)
  • Added cs_get_item_alias (PR 342)
  • Added cs_get_weapon_info native which gives various information about a weapon (only) (PR 278, PR 356)
  • Added cs_get_weaponbox_item native (PR 548)
  • Added a param to cs_set_user_deaths native to choose whether the scoreboard should be updated (PR 255)
  • Added support for monster_scientist entity (alias of hostage_entity) to hostage natives (PR 255)
  • Added a count param to cs_get/set_armoury_type to get/set the number of weapons inside an armoury (PR 255)
  • Added a update_index param in cs_set_user_model to choose whether the model index should be updated (PR 255, PR 300, PR 370)
  • Added a CS_NORESET constant for use with cs_set_user_team for skipping the model reset (PR 287, PR 400)
  • Added a new value for draw_animation in cs_set_weapon_silen which follows game behavior (PR 255)
  • Added the associated TRAIN_* constants from HLSDK for use with cs_get_user_driving (PR 255)
  • Moved all hardcoded data to its own gamedata files (PR 255, PR 352, PR 356)
  • Done some cleanup for the sake of consistency and readability (PR 255)
  • Added some known constants from CS, a has been created for the occasion (PR 278)
  • Cached GET_USER_MSG_ID calls (PR 255)
  • Improved cs_set_no_knives internal code by hooking pfnCreateNamedEntity only when necessary (PR 255)
  • Made cs_get_user_armor armortype param optional (PR 255)
  • Improved cs_set_user_zoom by using an event-based approach rather than enforcing on-frame basis when mode is 0 (PR 255)
  • Fixed cs_user_spawn to properly respawn players (bug 3752)
  • Fixed cs_set_user_team not telling core spectator team change (PR 13)
  • Fixed cs_get_hostage_id error check: a hostage can't be a player (PR 255)
  • Fixed cs_set_user_[model/team] and cs_reset_user_[model/team] overflow issue by staggering user's info updates across multiple frames (PR 255)
  • Fixed missing meta return in ServerActivate (PR 308)


  • Modified csstats_rank value to match amxx.cfg default value (PR 170)
  • Fixed client_death/damage forwards passing alive victims on ClientKill (bug 5812)
  • Fixed client_death forward called on kill command if sent by a spectator (PR 404)


  • Fixed grenade_throw incorrect calling behavior and wrong returned weapon IDs (bug 5785)
  • Fixed a potential crash (PR 277)


  • Fixed a potential issue (PR 277)


  • Added client_cmdStart forward (bug 5779)
  • Added set_ent_rendering native (bug 5773)
  • Added entity_intersects native (bug 6172, PR 70, PR 367)
  • Added unregister_touch/think/impulse (PR 250)
  • Added safe get_global_edict2 and entity_get_edict2 (PR 250, PR 367)
  • Added a destination parameter to trace_hull to make it useful using NULL_VECTOR (PR 250)
  • Improved set_lights internal working, only hook server frame when pfnLightStyle has been called (PR 250)
  • Moved precache_event to core (PR 250, PR 490)
  • Removed inconsistent error path from entity_get_int (PR 250)
  • Added error path for remove_entity and unsafe entity ids (PR 250)
  • Added a bunch of missing entity checks (PR 250, PR 345, PR 346, PR 355)
  • Used UTF-8 functions where KeyValueData is touched (PR 250)
  • Allowed find_ent_by_owner native to work in client_disconnect forward (PR 152)
  • Fixed a crash when using get/set_usercmd (bug 5744)
  • Fixed set_view altering pev properties instead of entity_state for rendering players (bug 5382)
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of impulse forwards (bug 3243)
  • Fixed pfn_spawn metamod return to follow engine behavior (bug 5807)
  • Fixed set_ent_rendering not working on non-player entities (PR 71)
  • Fixed get_info_keybuffer not being able to retrieve local key buffer (PR 250)
  • Fixed an entity check logic error (PR 250, PR 259)
  • Fixed is_visible native not working on players (PR 392)
  • Fixed a set_lights buffer issue which was resulting in an incorrect light (PR 464, PR 508)


  • Added create_kvd and free_kvd allowing creation of new KVD structures that can be used with Hamsandwich.
  • Added new get/set_pdata_* natives for the following types: bool, byte, short, vector, ehandle and ent (bug 5770)
  • Introduced new natives to read/write on entity's private data based off class/member name using gamedata files (PR 284)
    • get/set_ent_data
    • get/set_ent_data_float
    • get/set_ent_data_vector
    • get/set_ent_data_entity
    • get/set_ent_data_string
    • get_ent_data_size
    • find_ent_data_info
    • get_field_basetype
  • Introduced natives to read/write on the gamerules object (PR 298, PR 309, PR 316)
    • get/set_gamerules_int
    • get/set_gamerulesa_float
    • get/set_gamerules_vector
    • get/set_gamerules_entity
    • get/set_gamerules_string
    • get_gamerules_size
    • find_gamerules_info
  • Allowed get/set_pdata_cbase usage at map end whereas player's private data is still valid (bug 5787)
  • Improved handling of KeyValueData and made it compatible with Hamsandwich (PR 240)
  • Allowed null invoker to be passed in EngFunc_PlayBackEvent (PR 358, bug 6467)
  • Fixed pev_blending not working with set_pev (bug 5758)
  • Fixed broken EngFunc_ChangeLevel (PR 244)
  • Fixed a bug with recursive pre hooks (PR 341)
  • Fixed memory leak in unregister_forward (PR 388)


  • Internal changes: (PR 421)
    • Made pfnTraceLine a post forward to avoid breaking plugins hooking this forward as well (e.g. FM_TraceLine). Related to set_user_hitzones native.
    • pfnTraceLine and pfnPlayerPreThink used by set_user_hitzones and set_user_footsteps are now toggled on-demand.
  • Added HITZONE_* constants for use with get_user_hitzones and set_user_hitzones (PR 421)


  • Module now uses the latest MaxMind GeoIP2 API (PR 99, PR 104, PR 132)
  • Added new (UTF-8 safe) geoip_* natives to retrieve the city, region, continent and more (PR 99, PR 198, PR 200)
  • Added a geoip command mainly for debugging purposes (version, dump an ip data) (PR 99)
  • Marked geoip_country as deprecated in favor of the new geoip_country_ex native (PR 99)


  • Added support for the following mods:
    • Deathmatch Classic
    • Adrenaline Gamer
    • Opposing Forces
    • Sven Coop v5.17
  • Added several functions which required different handlers
  • Added a lot of missing virtual functions for all mods
  • Added natives to deal with the ItemInfo structure
  • Added support for bots without player classname (bug 6111, bug 6323, PR 153, PR 228)
  • Added SetParamEntity2 native to fix entity param not changing in post hook (PR 395, PR 463)
  • Updated offsets for all mods (PR 354)
  • Aligned stack on 16 byte boundary in hamsandwich trampolines (PR 24)
  • Fixed crash for functions returning a vector
  • Fixed crash when Ham_TakeHealth is called
  • Fixed various typos
  • Fixed misaligned offsets in hamdata.ini
  • Fixed vtable patching on Linux for newer GCC binaries
  • Fixed resource leak when reading hamdata.ini (PR 274)
  • Fixed ham hooks command not displaying all current hooks of a plugin (PR 276)
  • Fixed HAM_OVERRIDE in post hooks (bug 6443, PR 317)
  • Fixed a buffer issue in RegisterHam (PR 495)


  • Added SQL_SetCharset native to (re)set character set (bug 5999)
  • Added MySQL Reconnect feature (PR 154)
  • Bumped MySQL version to 5.5 (PR 466, PR 468)
  • Established a default timeout for MySQL connectivity (PR 188)
  • Improved module threading to be more responsive (PR 207)


  • Fixed a potential crash at map change if an empty key or value is saved (PR 112, PR 130)
  • Fixed potential formatting issue with nvault_[p]set (PR 187)



  • Added regex_compile_ex, mainly to allow direct use of PCRE_* flags (PR 69)
  • Added regex_match_all_c and regex_match_all to retrieve all matches (PR 69)
  • Added regex_replace to search and replace (PR 69)
  • Added regex_match_simple stock (PR 69, PR 156)
  • Updated PCRE to v8.35 with UTF-8 support (PR 69)
  • Updated regex_subtr to increase static buffer size same as core and to make it UTF-8 safe (PR 69)


  • Added SQL_SetCharset native to (re)set character set (bug 5999, PR 236)
  • Updated library version from 3.3.13 to 3.24.0 (PR 148, PR 527)
  • Fixed missing queuetime FP_CELL parameter in SQL_ThreadQuery callback (PR 205)
  • Fixed missing buffer size check to QuoteString implementation (PR 411)


  • Added a new _flags parameter to allow non-blocking mode and return libc error (PR 301)
  • Added socket_is_writable native to check whether a socket is ready to write (PR 301)
  • Added socket_is_readable as an alias to socket_change (PR 301)
  • Updated WinSock version from 1.1 to 2.2 (PR 301)
  • Properly checked for WinSock initialization on OnAmxxAttach/Detach (PR 301)
  • Ignored natives registration if WinSock can't be started (PR 301)
  • Made socket_open IP version agnostic (both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported) (PR 301)
  • Made socket_close to return a value on success/failure (PR 301)


  • Fixed server crash when nvault is writing to journal file without write permission (bug 3231)


  • Fixed tfcstats_rankbots not working as expected when disabled (bug 3192)
  • Fixed tfcstats_pause imcomplete implementation (bug 5836)
  • Fixed tfc_setbammo not working under Linux (bug 5845)
  • Fixed TFC_PC_CIVILIAN value (bug 6042)
  • Fixed crash when Infection weapon is used (PR 232, bug 6333)