Console Commands (Metamod:Source)

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You can access the Metamod:Source console menu through the server console, or remote console (rcon). Every command is prefixed by "meta". You can use "meta" to list all of the commands.


meta <command> [arguments]
  • alias [name] [value] - Lists or sets an alias
    ] meta alias
     Alias      File
     sample     dlls\sample_mm\bin\sample_mm
     1 aliases total.
    ] meta alias sample addons\sample_mm\bin\sample_mm
     Set alias "sample" to: addons\sample_mm\bin\sample_mm
    ] meta alias stub ""
     Deleted alias: stub.
  • clear - Unloads all plugins
    ] meta clear
     One or more plugins resisted removal (cleaned anyway).
  • credits - Displays the Metamod:Source Credits
    ] meta credits
     Metamod:Source was developed by:
       SourceHook: Pavol "PM OnoTo" Marko
       GameDLL/Plugins: David "BAILOPAN" Anderson
       GameDLL: Scott "Damaged Soul" Ehlert
       For more information, see the official website
  • force_unload <id> - Unloads a plugin forcefully by id.
    ] meta force_unload 3
     Plugin 3 force unloaded.
  • game - Displays information about the GameDLL
    ] meta game
     GameDLL Information
       Mod path: D:\sourceds\hl2mp
       Dll path: D:\sourceds\hl2mp\bin\server.dll
  • info <id> - Displays information about a plugin by id
    ] meta info 3
     Plugin 3 is running.
       Name: "Sample Plugin" by BAILOPAN
       Version: 1.00
       Description: Sample plugin that hooks basic things
       License: zlib/libpng
       Details: API 004, Date: Apr 18 2005
       File: D:\sourceds\hl2mp\dlls\sample_mm.dll 
  • list - Lists all plugins
    ] meta list
     -Id- Name              Version   Author       Status  
     [04] Sample Plugin     1.00      BAILOPAN     RUN   

    Status codes are:

    • RUN - Running
    • PAUSE - Paused
    • FAIL - Plugin refused to load
    • ERROR - Plugin could not be loaded
    • NOFILE - Plugin not found

    Note that plugin ids will always start from 1. Zero, -1, and -2 are reserved status codes for bad load, console, and file, respectively.

  • load <file or alias> - Load a plugin. Same path rules as metaplugins.ini.
    ] meta load dlls\sample_mm
     Plugin "Sample Plugin" loaded with id 4.
  • pause <id> - Pause a running plugin.
    ] meta pause 3
     Plugin 3 has been paused.
  • refresh - Attempts to resync the metaplugins.ini file, which only means that new entries are loaded.
    ] meta refresh
    L 04/19/2005 - 02:26:08: [META] Loaded 0 plugins from file (1 already loaded)
  • retry - Attempts to reload a plugin that had previously failed.
    ] meta retry 2
      Error reloading plugin: Failed to get API
  • unload <id or file or alias> - Attempts to unload a plugin (non-forcefully). A plugin can refuse.
    ] meta unload 3
      Plugin 3 unloaded. 
  • unpause <id> - Unpauses a paused plugin.
    ] meta unpause 1
     Plugin 1 has been unpaused.
  • version - Display versioning information.
    ] meta version
     Metamod:Source version 1.00
     Compiled on: Apr 19 2005
     Plugin interface version: 4:2

    The "Plugin interface version" numbers are the current version and the minimum required version.