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Datapacks provide a way to store and move around arbitrary amounts (and types) of data in AMX Mox X, available from
Data is packed into a single cell value - the DataPack handle. This handle can be passed around more easily, can be returned by functions and can simulate advanced concepts like string consummation.


Creating & Disposing

Creates a new datapack.
Return:New datapack handle, which must be freed via DestroyDataPack.
Important:Plugins are responsible for freeing all datapack handles they acquire. Failing to free handles will result in the plugin and AMXX leaking memory.
Example:new const DataPack:handle = CreateDataPack();
Destroys the datapack and frees its memory.
pack     Datapack handle to free.
Note:pack will be reset to 0.


ResetPack(DataPack:pack, bool:clear = false)
Resets the datapack read/write position to the start.
clear     If true, clears the contained data.
Attention:You need to reset the datapack before reading data.

Writing data

WritePackCell(DataPack:pack, any:cell)
Packs a cell value into a datapack.
Example:WritePackCell(pack, 42);
WritePackFloat(DataPack:pack, Float:val)
Packs a float value into a datapack.
Example:WritePackFloat(pack, 13.36);
WritePackString(DataPack:pack, const str[])
Packs a string value into a datapack.
Return:Length of copied string.
Example:new const length = WritePackString(pack, "Hello world!");

Reading data

Returns if the datapack has reached its end and no more data can be read.
Return:True if datapack has reached the end, false otherwise.
Example:if (IsPackEnded(pack)) {}
Reads a cell from a Datapack.
Attention:You need to reset the datapack before reading data.
Return:Cell value.
Example:new value = ReadPackCell(pack);
Reads a float from a Datapack.
Attention:You need to reset the datapack before reading data.
Return:Float value.
Example:new Float:value = ReadPackFloat(pack);
ReadPackString(DataPack:pack, buffer[], maxlen)
Reads a string from a Datapack.
Attention:You need to reset the datapack before reading data.
Return:Number of cells written to buffer.
Example:new buffer[32];
new const length = ReadPackString(pack, buffer, charsmax(buffer));

Managing position

Returns the datapack read/write position.
Return:Position in the datapack, only usable with calls to SetPackPosition.
Example:new const DataPackPos:position = GetPackPosition(pack);
SetPackPosition(DataPack:pack, DataPackPos:position)
Sets the datapack read/write position.
Attention:This should only ever be used with (known to be valid) positions returned by GetPackPosition. It is not possible for plugins to safely compute datapack positions.
Example:SetPackPosition(pack, position);


    // Creating
    new const DataPack:pack = CreateDataPack();
    // Writing
    WritePackCell(pack, refCell);
    WritePackFloat(pack, refFloat);
    WritePackString(pack, refString);
    // Reset before reading
    server_print("Datapack is readable: %s", !IsPackEnded(pack) ? "yes" : "no");
    // Reading
    new cellValue = ReadPackCell(pack);
    new Float:floatValue = ReadPackFloat(pack);
    new buffer[32];
    ReadPackString(pack, buffer, charsmax(buffer));
    server_print("cellValue = %d, floatValue = %f, buffer = %s", cellValue, floatValue, buffer)
    server_print("Datapack is no more readable: %s", IsPackEnded(pack) ? "yes" : "no");
    // Clear all data
    ResetPack(pack, .clear = true);
    server_print("Datapack is empty: %s", IsPackEnded(pack) ? "yes" : "no");
    // Disposing