Gamedata Updating (SourceMod)

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SourceMod has an automatic updating feature for gamedata files. When your server starts, SourceMod will contact AlliedModders to check for gamedata updates. AlliedModders will send back new files if they are available.

This feature has been available since SourceMod 1.1. However the updating mechanism was rewritten in 1.2, and servers running 1.1 will no longer receive updates. This documentation applies only to SourceMod 1.2 and higher.


core.cfg has four new settings to control the autoupdaters functionality

  • DisableAutoUpdate
    • Enables or Disables SourceMod's automatic gamedata updating.
    • The default value is "no". A value of "yes" will block the Auto Updater.
  • ForceRestartAfterUpdate
    • Enables or disables automatic restarting of SourceMod after a gamedata update.
    • The default value is "no". A value of "yes" will make SourceMod reload itself and refresh the map.
  • AutoUpdateURL

Custom Files

Gamedata files from the default SourceMod distribution can be overwritten even if there are custom changes. To make protected custom changes, use the custom folder under the gamedata directory. All files under this directory are parsed (in an undefined order) after the main files are loaded. They will never be overwritten.