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The following is a list of custom includes created by various users on AlliedModders. Some are standalone includes designed to be used with any project, others are includes that come with a plugin or extension but can also be used in other projects.

Maintained Includes

Standalone Includes

Name Author Filename Notes
Advanced MOTDPanel Dr. McKay
Append New ConVar KissLick
AutoExecConfig Impact123
CBaseAnimatingOverlay Pelipoika
Client Methodmaps ThatKidWhoGames
Client Preferences Stocks xXDeathreusXx
Colors exvel
Color Manipulation hmmmmm
ColorVariables KissLick
CS:GO Items xCoderx
Data String Parameter Drixevel Allows you to pass a string through a data parameter.
DString - Dynamic Strings Eun Allows you to use strings with dynamic lengths.
EmitSoundAny Powerlord Outdated; CSGO no longer requires special sound handling for mp3s
L4D/L4D2 Stocks Drixevel
LogHelper psychonic Contains stocks for many HL Standard log line formats, and also gets around the current limitations of Sourcemod's %L format operator and FormatUserLogText() function (not including team name on log line).
Menu Stocks KissLick Allows you to pass a value (cell, float or string) to menu callback.
Menu Targeting hmmmmm
MoreColors Dr. McKay
MultiColors Bara
Nested StringMaps Kinsi
Overlays shanapu
ParseRange ddhoward Takes a string indicating a range of numbers or multiple ranges of numbers, and returns an ArrayList containing individual values.
Print Valve Translations Powerlord Wrapper around the TextMsg usermessage to print game translations to chat, hintbox, center text, or client console
SHA-1 Hashing Stocks Peace-Maker Provides 2 stock functions to calculate the SHA-1 hash for a given string or file.
Smart Download Manager Zephyrus
SM-JSON clug
SMLib Berni
SourceMod Miscellaneous Stocks Drixevel
Table Buffer for Console ofir753 Allows you to format an oriented table for console output.
TF2 Alternative HUD Text GNCMatt
Unix Time for SourceMod milutinke
Variable Arguments for Functions Kailo
Vector Helpers xXDeathreusXx Extends functionality of SourceMod vectors so you don't have to iterate through array blocks every time you want to do a simple operation on a vector.
WebFix Byte Outdated; Use VGUI URL Cache Buster instead.


Name Author Filename Notes
ASteamBot Arkarr
Bank Arkarr
Be the Robot MasterOfTheXP
Collision Hooks VoiDeD
DHooks Dr!fter Allows plugins to create dynamic hooks which normally would need an extension
Discord/Slack API zipcore
Dynamic Objects Neuro Toxin
GeoIP2 Accelerator74
HexTags Chat/Score Colors Papero

HTTP Server w/ RCON Multiplexer asherkin,
L4D2 Infected Spawn API V10 Custom infected boss spawning API.
REST in Pawn DJ Tsunami High performance HTTP client for JSON REST APIs. Supports HTTP/2, HTTPS and gzip.
Server Whitelist Advanced RedSword
Socket sfPlayer
SourceBans Olly
SourceBans++ Sarabveer
SourceIRC Azelphur
SteamTools asherkin
SteamWorks KyleS
Super Spray Handler TheWreckingCrew6
TF2Attributes FlaminSarge
TF2 Econ Data nosoop
TF2 Item DB bottiger Outdated; Use TF2 Econ Data instead. For plugins that are already written for TF2 Item DB, use the compatibility shim.
TF2Items asherkin
TF2Items Extended Stocks ReFlexPoison
TF2Items Give Weapon FlaminSarge
TF2 Taunts TF2IDB fakuivan
TF2 Pyro Air Jump Leonardo
VGUI URL Cache Buster nosoop