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This articles refers to the plugins provided with SourceMod 1.1 and newer.



  • Provides a central map voting interface for other plugins to use and optional automated end of map voting.
  • Uses the maplists.cfg “mapchooser” section.
  • Disabled by default


  • Requires mapchooser
  • Adds user/admin nominations into mapvotes.
  • Uses the maplists.cfg “nominations” section.
  • Disabled by default


  • Requires mapchooser
  • Adds rockthevote functionality (forced early voting) to mapchooser.
  • Disabled by default


  • Automatically selects a nextmap at the start of each map
  • Follows the mapcycle specified by the 'mapcyclefile' cvar.
  • Provides map history and mapcycle listings.


  • Randomly selects a nextmap at the start of each map.
  • Uses the maplists.cfg “randomcycle” section.
  • Disabled by default


Cvar Plugin Default Value Description
sm_nextmap Core The Next Map that SourceMod will change to.
sm_mapvote_endvote Mapchooser 1 Specifies if MapChooser should run an end of map vote.
sm_mapvote_start Mapchooser 3.0 Specifies when to start the vote based on time remaining.
sm_mapvote_startround Mapchooser 2 Specifies when to start the vote based on rounds remaining. Use 0 on TF2 to start vote during bonus round time.
sm_mapvote_startfrags Mapchooser 5 Specifies when to start the vote base on frags remaining.
sm_extendmap_timestep Mapchooser 15 Specifies how much many more minutes each extension makes.
sm_extendmap_roundstep Mapchooser 5 Specifies how many more rounds each extension makes.
sm_extendmap_fragstep Mapchooser 10 Specifies how many more frags are allowed when map is extended.
sm_mapvote_exclude Mapchooser 5 Specifies how many past maps to exclude from the vote.
sm_mapvote_include Mapchooser 5 Specifies how many maps to include in the vote.
sm_mapvote_novote Mapchooser 1 Specifies whether or not MapChooser should pick a map if no votes are received.
sm_mapvote_extend Mapchooser 0 Number of extensions allowed each map.
sm_mapvote_dontchange Mapchooser 1 Specifies if a 'Don't Change' option should be added to early votes (like rockthevote).
sm_mapvote_voteduration Mapchooser 20 Specifies how long the mapvote should be available for.
sm_mapvote_runoff Mapchooser 0 New in 1.5 - Hold run of votes if winning choice is less than a certain margin
sm_mapvote_runoffpercent Mapchooser 50 New in 1.5 - If winning choice has less than this percent of votes, hold a runoff
sm_nominate_excludecurrent Nominations 1 Specifies if the MapChooser excluded maps should also be excluded from Nominations.
sm_nominate_excludeold Nominations 1 Specifies if the current map should be excluded from the Nominations list.
sm_rtv_needed Rockthevote 0.60 Percentage of players needed to rockthevote.
sm_rtv_minplayers Rockthevote 0 Number of players required before RTV will be enabled.
sm_rtv_initialdelay Rockthevote 30.0 Time (in seconds) before first RTV can be held.
sm_rtv_interval Rockthevote 240.0 Time (in seconds) after a failed RTV before another can be held.
sm_rtv_changetime Rockthevote 0 When to change the map after a successful RTV: 0 - Instant, 1 - RoundEnd, 2 - MapEnd.
sm_rtv_postvoteaction Rockthevote 0 What to do with RTV's after a mapvote has completed. 0 - Allow, success = instant change, 1 - Deny
sm_randomcycle_exclude Randomcycle 5 Specifies how many past maps to exclude from the Randomcycle maplist.

Admin Commands

Command Plugin Access Format Description
sm_mapvote Mapchooser changemap Forces MapChooser to attempt to run a map vote now.
sm_setnextmap Mapchooser changemap <map> Sets the nextmap and disables the end of map vote for this map.
sm_nominate_addmap Nominations changemap <map> Forcibly adds the map to the list of nominations (even if the limit had been reached).
sm_maphistory Nextmap changemap Shows the most recent maps played.

Public Commands

Command Plugin Format Description
sm_nominate Nominations <map> or none for menu Attempts to nominate a map for the next vote.
say nominate Nominations Shows a list of possible maps to nominate.
say rtv Rockthevote Votes to Rockthevote.
sm_rtv Rockthevote Votes to Rockthevote.
listmaps Nextmap Lists the current mapcycle in console.

Tips and Tricks

  • The nextmap output from the basetriggers plugin will display 'Pending Vote' if mapchooser is running, has end of map votes enabled and the vote has not yet run this map. Remove the plugin or disable end of map votes to see the actual map displayed.