Metamod:Source 1.9.0 Release Notes

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New Engine Support

Support has been added for using Metamod:Source on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This game uses a variation of the Source engine present in Alien Swarm and moreso Portal 2.

SDK Changes

AlliedModders has reverse engineered a CS:GO SDK capable of building plugins. This attempt is preliminary and more fixes may come as we explore the engine. You can grab a copy from our Mercurial forest (see the bottom of the page). If you discover any changes yourself, we greatly appreciate bug reports or any attempts at notifying us.

New API Changes

Metamod:Source now treats Counter-Strike: Source as a separate "CSS" engine, since compatibility diverges from "Orangebox Valve" at times. GetSourceEngineBuild now returns a new SOURCE_ENGINE_CSS value for this game. Similarly, users of the "extended loading" API will see this value in MetamodVersionInfo.

Full changelog

  • Added support for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (bug 5228).
  • Split Counter-Strike: Source to a separate build from 'ep2v' (SOURCE_ENGINE_CSS) (bug 5369).
  • Fixed page protection bug causing a rare startup crash (bug 5133).
  • Delayed unloading of plugins until it is absolutely safe (bug 5034).
  • Fixed passage of non-literals as error and warning format strings.