Public Commands (SourceMod)

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The following commands are available to players on SourceMod servers using the provided base plugin set.

Note that rockthevote.smx is not enabled by default.

Command Plugin Format Description
currentmap basetriggers.smx Displays the name of the current map.
ff basetriggers.smx Displays whether friendly fire is on or off.
motd basetriggers.smx Displays the Message of the Day (MOTD) window.
nextmap basetriggers.smx Shows the next map in the mapcycle to the user.
nominate rockthevote.smx <map> Nominates a map for rtv.
rtv OR rockthevote rockthevote.smx Starts a rockthevote vote.
thetime basetriggers.smx Displays the current time of the server.
timeleft basetriggers.smx Displays the time left in the map cycle.
sm_settings clientprefs.smx Displays the client settings menu.
sm_cookies clientprefs.smx <name> [value] With no arguments displays the list of available cookies, specify a name to show or change its value.