SourceMod 1.3.7 Release Notes

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SourceMod 1.3.7 is a minor bug-fix update. For the full SourceMod 1.3 release notes, click here.



User Changes:

  • Updated support for latest OrangeBox engine changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2DM, GMod).
  • Updated support for various games, including Zombie Panic, CS ProMod, Empires, and GoldenEye: Source.
  • Added gamedata for Dino D-Day.
  • Fix precedence of voice mute flag versus specific client overrides (bug 4826).
  • Fix mistaken unhooking of voice hooks (bug 4804).
  • Fixed graphical glitches with funcommands effects in L4D1 (bug 3486).
  • Fixed bug in nominations that could cause "Unknown command" error (bug 4797).
  • Removed tv_enable hook to fix rare max client count issue (bug 4791).
  • Added missing unhooking of ClientConnect in PlayerManager (bug 4749).
  • Fixed sm_rtv printing "unknown command" (bug 4730).
  • Fixed voting crash when client console, chat, and SourceTV are enabled (bug 4676).
  • Fixed CDetour crash in TF2 extension when last plugin using forward is unloaded (bug 4713).

Developer Changes:

  • SetEntProp now marks edict state as changed (bug 4855).
  • Added GetEntityClassname stock (bug 4798).
  • Fix compiler hanging when #including a directory (bug 4822).
  • Added GetEntityFlags and SetEntityFlags natives for better cross-engine compatibility. (bug 4809).
  • Fixed ClientPrefs natives not being marked optional when REQUIRE_EXTENSIONS not defined (bug 4839).
  • Changed some instances of LogMessage to LogAction (bug 4649).
  • Added some new language natives (bug 4613).
  • Fixed SetTeamScore not updating score on client (bug 2736).
  • Raised MAXPLAYERS from 64 to 65 (bug 4490).
  • Added and updated many TF2-specific defines in and
  • Fixed TF2_GetPlayerConditionFlags no longer necessarily returning all set flags (bug 4726).
  • Fixed profiler flush not clearing, added 'report' and 'clear' (bug 4674).
  • Fixed GetPlayerDecalFile crash on L4D and L4D2 (bug 4729).
  • Fixed TF2_OnGetHoliday detour no longer firing under all circumstances (bug 4700).
  • Added TF2_IsPlayerInDuel native to TF2 extension (bug 4695).