SourceMod 1.4.2 Release Notes

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SourceMod 1.4.2 is primarily a minor bug-fix update, with an important security fix. For the full SourceMod 1.4 release notes, click here.



User Changes:

  • Updated support for latest OrangeBox engine changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2DM, GMod).
  • Fixed regression in SourceMod 1.4.0 causing SM to cause load errors on The Ship (bug 5216).
  • Fixed toggling and player lag issues with sm_drug command (bug 5217, bug 5218) (FlaminSarge).

Developer Changes:

  • Updated TF2-specific defines and enums (bug 5194).
  • Fixed StoreToAddress always writing 32 bits and throwing an error (bug 5248) (ProdigySim).
  • Fixed crash with StoreToAddress if memory wasn't writable (bug 5252) (Dr!fter).
  • Fixed return value of VoteMenuToAll (bug 5254) (VoiDeD).
  • Fixed bug in command lower-casing API guarantee.