SourceMod 1.4.3 Release Notes

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SourceMod 1.4.3 is primarily a minor bug-fix update, with some new features and important crash fixes. For the full SourceMod 1.4 release notes, click here.



User Changes:

  • Updated support for latest OrangeBox engine changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2DM, GMod).
  • Fixed intermittent crashes in clientprefs (bug 4660).
  • Fixed error when reloading dependant plugins using aliased natives (bug 5302).
  • Fixed intermittent crash when looking for an invalid signature (bug 5301).
  • Fixed crash when passing an invalid entity reference to ReferenceToEntity (bug 5330).
  • Exposed extensions list to clients (bug 5221) (VoiDeD).
  • Made clientprefs attempt to reconnect to the database on map change (bug 4745).
  • Log functions now respect sv_logecho (bug 5135).
  • Lowered threading API think time to 20ms, making threaded MySQL queries complete faster (bug 4733).
  • Fixed cstrike extension crash on shutdown (bug 5328).
  • Fixed client console vote output (bug 5290, bug 5205) (FlaminSarge).
  • Fixed possible crash when reloading a plugin with an invalid binary (bug 5288).

Developer Changes:

  • Fixed Float negation operator (bug 5292).
  • Fixed client serials not being unique on Windows (bug 5285).
  • Fixed broken SourceTV detection on L4D1 (bug 5216).
  • Updated TF2 condition defines (bug 5259) (FlaminSarge).
  • Adding missing SetMenuNoVoteButton native declaration (bug 4522) (GoD-Tony).
  • Fixed erroneous const-qualification of name param of GetAdminUsername (bug 5267).
  • Added GetGameTickCount native (bug 5209) (GoD-Tony).