SourceMod 1.4.7 Release Notes

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SourceMod 1.4.7 is primarily fixes for the latest breaking engine changes on CSS, TF2, and other Source 2009 engine games. It also has some other bug fixes.

For the full SourceMod 1.4 release notes, click here.


User Changes:

  • Updated support for latest Source 2009 engine changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2DM).
  • Updated gamedata for Left 4 Dead 2, Nuclear Dawn, No More Room in Hell, Zombie Panic Source, CSPromod, GoldenEye Source, Synergy, The Hidden, and PVKII.
  • Added system to block malware or illegal plugins (bug 5289).
  • Fixed a potential crash when a bad entity index is passed to certain functions (bug 5539) (KyleS).
  • Added an error message for when auto plugin configs fail to be created due to write error (bug 5465) (Drifter).
  • Fixed an issue where a malformed plugin could cause crashes (bug 5478).

Developer Changes:

  • Added new values to the TFCond TF2 conditions enum (bug 5537) (FlaminSarge).
  • Updated TFHoliday TF2 holidays enum (bug 5526) (Powerlord).
  • Fixed regression in SourceMod 1.3.0 causing GetEntPropEnt, GetEntDataEnt2, and GameRules_GetPropEnt to possibly return stale (incorrect) entity indexes in place of -1.
  • Added support for < 32-bit unsigned sign extension to GameRules_GetProp lookup (already in GetEntProp since SM 1.4.0).
  • Fixed < 32-bit unsigned sign extension in GetEntProp not being applied for array prop elements (bug 5591).
  • Fixed value size auto-detection in GetEntProp and GameRules_GetProp for ep2v's new SPROP_VARINT sendprops.
  • Fixed Sort_Random sort type not including first value in array sorting functions (bug 4292) (Peace-Maker).
  • Fixed GameRules_SetPropVector writing data to unexpected addresses instead of to the gamerules proxy entity (bug 5592) (ProdigySim).
  • Fixed VoteMenuToAll stock adding bots to list (bug 5253 (VoiDeD).