SourceMod 1.6.3 Release Notes

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SourceMod 1.6.3 is primarily a maintenance release, addressing game updates.

For the full SourceMod 1.6 release notes, click here.


User Changes:

  • Updated game support for TF2, CS:GO, No More Room in Hell, Insurgency, PVK2 and Fistful of Frags.
  • Made changes to make TF2, CSS, DoDS, HL2DM, and SDK 2013 mods less likely to break on game update (PR 174, PR 192).
  • Added support for longer key names in languages.cfg (to fix Portuguese) (bug 6282, PR 208).

Developer Changes:

  • Updated TF2 player condition and holiday enums (Ross "Powerlord" Bemrose) (PR 183, PR 181).
  • Add support for TF2 player conditions >= 96 for condition functions/forwards (PR 205).