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This document overviews some of the configuration concepts in SourceMod.

Configuration Types

SourceMod's configuration files fall into two folders:

  • cfg/sourcemod - These are .cfg files which contain cvars/commands. They can be run via 'exec' in the server console.
  • addons/sourcemod/configs - These are files that contain special or advanced formats. Take care when editing them; they cannot be run via the server console.


The admin_levels.cfg should never be edited.

Admin Menu

For editing adminmenu_cfgs.txt or adminmenu_sorting.txt, see Admin Menu Configuration.

Core Configuration

The addons/sourcemod/configs/core.cfg file contains settings that will rarely need to be changed. Here you can change settings related to:

  • Logging
  • Server Language
  • Chat Trigger Behavior
  • Admin Password Variable
  • Menu Sounds

Cvars and sourcemod.cfg

The cfg/sourcemod/sourcemod.cfg file contains all cvars that are included by default with SourceMod. Each cvar is accompanied comments containing:

  • A small bit of documentation.
  • The default value, in case you forget.
  • The plugin which provides the cvar, or none if Core is the provider.

Reference the actual file for further information.

There are many cvars associated with SourceMod that are not in the sourcemod.cfg file. For plugins which follow proper guidelines, SourceMod will automatically generate a configuration file in the above format for each plugin. For example, a plugin called hat.smx would have a file called cfg/sourcemod/plugin.hat.cfg. Its contents might look something like:

// This file was auto-generated by SourceMod (v1.0.0.986)
// ConVars for plugin "hat.smx"

// MySQL database
// -
// Default: ""
mysqlk_database ""

SourceMod executes sourcemod.cfg and each of these plugin files every mapchange, directly after server.cfg is ran.

Databases or SQL

The addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg file allows you to create named SQL database configurations. Plugins use these named configurations to establish database connections. For more information on editing this file, see Configuring SQL.

Map Lists

The addons/sourcemod/configs/maplists.cfg file is used to configure how SourceMod builds lists of maps. Each section is a named list that can be used by plugins. If a plugin requests a list that does not exist, it will fall back to a default section, then to the file referenced via the mapcyclefile cvar, and finally to the list of maps in the maps folder.

By tweaking this file, you can consolidate all map lists into one file, or use separate map lists for individual needs.

More documentation is contained inside the file header.

Plugin Loading

The addons/sourcemod/configs/plugin_settings.cfg has one primary purpose: "permanently" putting specific or any plugins into debug mode for the life time of the server. Generally, the other settings should not be touched.

You can also block plugins from loading using this file. For example, SourceBans requires the disabling of basebans.smx. You can tell Core to block basebans.smx from ever loading.