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SourceMod translation phrases are included with the source code in the git repository. Anyone can create a pull request to suggest a change to the translation phrases.

The status and progress of each language is tracked through a Github Translation Project, which is updated automatically every time the phrases change in the repository.


If you want to contribute to a translation in SourceMod, the workflow is as follows:

  • Look at what needs to be done for your language in the Translation project.
    • Click on the language name in the card to open a detailed view.
  • Create a fork of the SourceMod repository.
  • Check the phrase in the english translation files.
    • Optionally, lookup how the phrase is used in the plugins.
  • Update the correct phrases file with your translation. You don't have to do all phrases at once!
  • Open a pull request with your changes.

Anyone is free to translate SourceMod at their leisure -- contributions are greatly appreciated!

Validating translations

You're welcome to look at other translations the community suggested and leave your opinion on better wording. Check the list of pending changes and comment on the languages you know.