Troubleshooting AMX Mod X

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If something goes wrong with your AMX Mod X installation, it's usually a problem someone else before has had. This FAQ shows some of the more common problems with steps to solving them.

Plugin Problems

Loading Errors

Q: What does "function not found" mean?
A: This means a function the plugin uses could not be found. Most likely you forgot to enable a module that the plugin uses. Check the plugin's documentation, then see Configuring Modules.

Q: What does "module required for plugin" mean?
A: See above question. If you get this error, it should also tell you exactly which module you need to enable.

Q: What does "Run time error ... debug not enabled" mean?
A: This means an internal error occured in the plugin. To enable debug mode, and report the problem to the author, add the word "debug" after the plugin's entry in amxmodx/plugins/plugins.ini. For example:

myplugin.amxx debug

For more information, see Debugging Plugins.

Q: I have debug enabled and I still get run time errors!
A: Copy and paste the runtime errors and give them to the plugin author. If the errors occur in official AMX Mod X plugins, make a bug report.