Upgrading SourceMod

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When upgrading SourceMod, backwards compatibility is guaranteed except in rare cases. To completely upgrade, you should:

  • Ensure your game server is completely stopped and not running as you cannot update some files while they are still in use.
  • If you are upgrading to a stable release (not a nightly build), check its release notes for any specific instructions.
  • Upgrade all .so/.dll binaries in the following folders:
    • sourcemod/bin
    • sourcemod/extensions
  • Upgrade all of the .txt files in the sourcemod/gamedata folder.
  • Upgrade all of the .txt files in the sourcemod/translations folder.
  • Upgrade all of the default .smx binaries in the sourcemod/plugins folder.
  • Read the release notes to see if there were any configuration files that got new features. If so, you should look and see if you want to tweak those new settings. You may want to use a program such as Beyond Compare or WinMerge.

Note: If a plugin stops working due to a SourceMod upgrade, file a bug report and the development team will assess the situation.

Note: It is extremely important to update all gamedata files, as those specify how SourceMod interacts with mod-specific properties.

Note: As of SourceMod 1.2.2, the "auto" folders for SourceMod extensions are no longer used by default. Third party extensions, however, may still use them.

Note: If you update your base SourceMod plugins, you must update your translation files (and vice versa). If you absolutely don't want to update your SourceMod base plugins, you should at least update the core.phrases.txt translation file.

Note: You only need to update the .inc files if you are a plugin developer. If you do update .inc files, you must update the compiler (spcomp.exe for Windows, spcomp for Linux) as well.