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VICE keys are used to encrypt the game's weapon config files in an effort to make them more difficult to tamper with. It's not really a great protection, as usually the key is just hardcoded into the server binaries. Some games, such as Golden Eye Source, try to make it more difficult to retrieve these, but even then it's trivial.

These keys can be used to decrypt the CTX files that many games provide.

Game Key
Contagion fUk0fF69
Counter-Strike: Source / Global Offensive / 2 d7NSuLq2
CSPromod H1aRQ0n1
Day of Defeat: Source Wl0u5B3F
Dystopia (1.2?) pH3apO8w
Dystopia 1.3 RC2 G8stUh3F
Golden Eye Source Gr3naDes
Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag 2.1 R1dj3axP
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch x9Ke0BY7
Insurgency DrA5e3EB
Left 4 Dead 2 (VScript .nuc) SDhfi878
No More Room In Hell lREeeapA
Nuclear Dawn TA+*veh9
TF2 (items.ctx) A5fSXbf7
TF2 (everything else) E2NcUkG2
ZPS 5R0ni0pZ
Tactical Intervention 71B4Dt1Z