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Basic Information

  • Classname: CGameCounter.
  • Inheriting Instance: game_counter.
  • Description: This entity counts each trigger that it receives, and triggers its target when the count reaches a specified limit.

Class Hierarchy

Entity Data


Entity Attributes

  • Name (targetname) - Property used to identify entities.
  • Target (targe) - When an entity is activated, it triggers the entity with the name specified by Target.
  • Delay before trigger (delay) - Usually the time in seconds before an entity should trigger its target (after being triggered itself). Under other SmartEdit names, delay might also be the time to wait before performing some other action.
  • KillTarget (killtarget) - When an entity is triggered, it will remove from the game the entity specified by this property.
  • Master (master) - The name of a multisource (or game_team_master) entity. A master must usually be active in order for the entity to work. Thus they act almost like an on/off switch, in their simplest form, and like an AND gate in the case of the multisource.
  • Initial Value (frags) - This sets the initial count.
  • Limit Value (health) - This is the value that the counter must reach before firing its target.

Entity Flags

// Spawn flags.
#define SF_GAMECOUNT_FIREONCE	0x0001  // Remove the counter entity after firing.
#define SF_GAMECOUNT_RESET	0x0002  // Reset the counter after firing.

HLSDK Reference

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