Frequently Asked Questions (AMX Mod X)

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These are some frequently asked questions about AMX Mod X.

Usage Questions

Q: How do I reset stats?
A: Type csstats_reset 1 into console. If you are an admin, just use amx_rcon csstats_reset 1.

General Questions

Q: When does the next version come out?
A: When it's done. Don't ask. That's just annoying.

Q: What is Pawn? Isn't it Small?
A: As of version 3.0, ITB CompuPhase has renamed Small to Pawn because the name was too common.

Q: Where is AMX Mod X for Half-Life 2 or Counter-Strike:Source?
A: AMX Mod X is being rewritten from the ground up as SourceMod. You can check it out here:

Q: Should I upgrade to the latest version?
A: Only if you want to, or if there is a bug fix/optimization you need. AMX Mod X 0.16 is almost identical to AMX Mod 0.9.8 and 0.9.9, so 0.20 is the first true "AMX Mod X" version that changes nearly everything. You should upgrade if you're sure everything will work. Don't fix what's not broken, unless you're like me and have to try the new thing.

Q: I HAVE A BUG REPORT! What do I do with it?
A: You can post in the forums about it or write a notice on the SF project page (

Q: Why didn't you accept my fix/idea/patch/bugreport?
A: Maybe we didn't get to it, maybe we didn't like it. Usually almost all patches/fixes are accepted but ideas or code that are broken or don't fit into a general theme will be rejected. Since AMX Mod X is GPL'd, you are always free to release your own fork of it (but not on the forums please).

Q: Do you have a webpage that can compile plugins?
A: We sure do! Go to and click on "Compiler".

Q: Can AMX Mod X run Admin-Mod plugins?
A: No.

Q: Can AMX Mod X run AMX Mod plugins?
A: It can compile and run any plugin that is AMX Mod 0.9.8 compatible. You must recompile the plugin with AMX Mod X's compiler/include files.

Q: Can AMX Mod X run AMX Mod modules?
A: It can run any AMX Mod 0.9.8 compatible module. As of AMX Mod X 1.5, this feature was removed because of the Pawn upgrade breaking backwards compatibility.

Q: Will AMX Mod X support AMX Mod 0.9.9?
A: No. The module API for AMX Mod is not backwards or forwards compatible so it's not worth "keeping up" with AMX Mod from behind. The module API for AMX Mod X applies to all forward and backward versions, what changes is the Module Development Kit.

Q: Does AMX Mod X support mods other than Counter-Strike?
A: There is special support for Counter-Strike because, undeniably, it is the moving force of Half-Life today. For other mods AMX Mod X provides mod addon packages (TFC, DoD, NS, and TS). AMX Mod X will work on all other mods supported by Metamod but includes no special support.

Q: Can I run Admin-Mod and AMX Mod X at the same time?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I run AMX Mod and AMX Mod X at the same time?
A: Technically, yes. But it is highly recommended you do not do this.

Q: What is/was MetamodX?
A: MetamodX was a set of patches to Metamod after the project seemed to be dead. The set of patches were trivial and written by BAILOPAN, mainly as an effort to showing that if something was not done, Metamod would continue to be forked. Eventually Will Day named Florian Zschocke, the Admin-Mod maintainer, the new project maintainer for Metamod. Although Florian now maintains Metamod, Will Day is on the project as the wisened sage ;]

Q: What is Metamod-p?
A: This is a special version of Metamod designed by Jussi "hullu" Kivillina. It uses a dynamic link patching approach to make Metamod versatile enough to not need specific mod support - it can run on any mod without requiring predefined entity links. AMX Mod X supports running on this version.

Q: Can I be a moderator on IRC or the Forums?
A: Short answer: NO. Long answer: No, and for asking, you've just blown your chances. Moderators arise naturally from the primordial chaos that are public forums. Be it IRC or a BBS, there are a few types of people: Trolls, OT Trolls, Well-Meaning Trolls, People-Who-Are-Actually-Insightful, and Moderators. They're a separate class of posters who, from what they've posted in the past, have an aura and resonance that says, "Not only can I be trusted, but I'm not an idiot. I'm patient, observant, and dedicated." If you're begging for mod/op, you're obviously none of these things.

Q: Can I be a developer or join a portion of the project team?
A: PM SniperBeamer with an application. Say who you are, what you've done, your experience, and what you'd like to do.

Q: Is OLO or dJeyL affiliated with AMX Mod X?
A: Dear me, I should hope not!

Q: Does OLO approve of AMX Mod X?
A: Who cares?

Q: Did AMX Mod X steal the AMX Mod source code?
A: Since the AMX Mod source code is under the GPL, it's not stolen if we also license it under the GPL. AMX Mod X was "forked" from the code-base. Even though we've rewritten a huge amount of the code from scratch, we always attach the following credit to each file, whether written by OLO or not: "Originally developed by OLO" After all, if it weren't for OLO, we wouldn't be writing this ;]

Q: Does AMX Mod X have some thing with turtles?
A: Turtles are really funny. Who doesn't like turtles? Errr, no, we don't have anything with turtles. I swear. Although I have heard rumours about cats.

Q: Yams!
A: yay