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compiler bugs

cmdmenu.amx does not have binary compatibility because of a bug in the Small/Pawn compiler documented here. Since this bug is fixed in AMX Mod X, it will work once recompiled. The status of this and future instances of plugins with similar problems is pending on AMX Mod accepting the compiler patch or some other recourse. -- BAILOPAN 03:51, 12 September 2006 (CDT)

This was fixed in AMX Mod 2006.3 -- BAILOPAN 18:27, 17 September 2006 (CDT)



I added the miscstats from Amx Mod. Here is my plugins.ini

AMX Mod X plugins
Admin Base - Always one has to be activated
admin.amxx ; admin base (required for any admin-related)

admin_sql.amxx ; admin base - SQL version (comment admin.amxx) amxbans.amxx


admincmd.amxx ; basic admin console commands adminhelp.amxx ; help command for admin console commands adminslots.amxx ; slot reservation multilingual.amxx ; Multi-Lingual management


menufront.amxx ; front-end for admin menus cmdmenu.amxx ; command menu (speech, settings) plmenu.amxx ; players menu (kick, ban, client cmds.)

telemenu.amxx ; teleport menu (Fun Module required!)

mapsmenu.amxx ; maps menu (vote, changelevel)

Chat / Messages

std_admin_color_chat.amxx ; console chat commands antiflood.amxx ; prevent clients from chat-flooding the server scrollmsg.amxx ; displays a scrolling message imessage.amxx ; displays information messages adminvote.amxx ; vote commands

Map related

nextmap.amxx ; displays next map in mapcycle

mapchooser.amxx ; allows to vote for next map

timeleft.amxx ; displays time left on map


pausecfg.amxx ; allows to pause and unpause some plugins statscfg.amxx ; allows to manage stats plugins via menu and commands


restmenu.amxx ; restrict weapons menu

statsx.amxx ; stats on death or round end (CSX Module required!)
miscstats.amxx ; bunch of events announcement for Counter-Strike

stats_logging.amxx ; weapons stats logging (CSX Module required!)

Enable to use AMX Mod plugins

amxmod_compat.amxx ; AMX Mod backwards compatibility layer

Custom - Add 3rd party plugins here

miscstats.amx statsx.amx downloader.amxx deagsmapmanage230b.amxx ac_spinhack.amxx antisilentplant.amxx adminreservation.amxx adminlisten.amxx debug ad_manager.amxx awpdrop.amxx advertising_filter.amxx dontsayips.amxx hpk.amxx donate.amxx servermenu.amxx admin_spec_esp.amxx ptb.amxx roll_the_dice.amxx fakefull_original.amxx debug lastmanbets.amxx realnadedrops.amxx kickthenades.amxx teamswitch.amxx bad_camper.amxx mapstats.amxx

Well. He doesn't load the miscstats.amx. Bad load comes from console:

Name Version Autor Datei Status

        Admin Base (AmxBa  1.76     AMXX Dev Team     admin_sql.amxx   running  
        BANLIST            4.4b7    YoMama/Lux & lan  amxbans.amxx     running  
        Admin Commands     1.76     AMXX Dev Team     admincmd.amxx    running  
        Admin Help         1.76     AMXX Dev Team     adminhelp.amxx   running  
        Slots Reservation  1.76     AMXX Dev Team     adminslots.amxx  running  
        Multi-Lingual Sys  1.76     AMXX Dev Team  running  
        Menus Front-End    1.76     AMXX Dev Team     menufront.amxx   running  
        Commands Menu      1.76     AMXX Dev Team     cmdmenu.amxx     running  
        Players Menu       1.76     AMXX Dev Team     plmenu.amxx      running  
        Maps Menu          1.76     AMXX Dev Team     mapsmenu.amxx    running  
        Std Admin Color C  1.1.1    Van der Cal       std_admin_color  running  
        Anti Flood         1.76     AMXX Dev Team     antiflood.amxx   running  
        Scrolling Message  1.76     AMXX Dev Team     scrollmsg.amxx   running  
        Info. Messages     1.76     AMXX Dev Team     imessage.amxx    running  
        Admin Votes        1.76     AMXX Dev Team     adminvote.amxx   running  
        NextMap            1.76     AMXX Dev Team     nextmap.amxx     running  
        TimeLeft           1.76     AMXX Dev Team     timeleft.amxx    running  

15:33:48 Pause Plugins 1.76 AMXX Dev Team pausecfg.amxx running

        Stats Configurati  1.76     AMXX Dev Team     statscfg.amxx    running  
        Restrict Weapons   1.76     AMXX Dev Team     restmenu.amxx    running  
        CS Stats Logging   1.76     AMXX Dev Team     stats_logging.a  running  
        AMX Mod Compat En  1.76     AMXX Dev Team     amxmod_compat.a  running  
        unknown            unknown  unknown           miscstats.amx    bad load 
        unknown            unknown  unknown           statsx.amx       running  
        Downloader         1.1      Michel            downloader.amxx  running  
        DeagsMapManage     2.30b    Deags             deagsmapmanage2  running  
        Spin hack Detecto  1.0.4    EKS               ac_spinhack.amx  running  
        Anti-Silent Plant  1.5      SubStream         antisilentplant  running  
        AdminReservation   1.01     [RST] FireStorm   adminreservatio  running  
        AdminListen        2.3x     /dev/ urandom     adminlisten.amx  debug    
        Autoresponder/Adv  0.5      MaximusBrood      ad_manager.amxx  running  
        Drop Awp           0.1      SuicideDog        awpdrop.amxx     running  
        Advertising Filte  1.1      SniperBeamer      advertising_fil  running  
        Don't say IPs      0.1      JGHG              dontsayips.amxx  running  
        Yet Another High   1.1.2    EKS               hpk.amxx         running  
        MONEY-GIVE         1.05     +ARUKARI-         donate.amxx      running  
        Server menu        1.0      Janzert           servermenu.amxx  running  
        Admin Spectator E  1.3      KoST              admin_spec_esp.  running  
        Team Balancer      1.8b2    Ptahhotep         ptb.amxx         running  
        Advanced Roll The  v2.5 RC  Striker           roll_the_dice.a  running  
        FakeFull Original  1.7.5    JTP10181/Freecod  fakefull_origin  debug    
        Last man bets      0.9.3    JGHG              lastmanbets.amx  running  
        Real Nade Drops    0.4      VEN               realnadedrops.a  running  
        Kick the nades     0.1      JGHG      running  
        Team Switching Fi  1.8      n!nja             teamswitch.amxx  running  
        Bad Camper         1.2      Brad Jones        bad_camper.amxx  running  
        Mapstats           1.0      DA                mapstats.amxx    running  
        47 Plugins, 44 Plugins laufen
Use "amxx plugins" instead of "amx_plugins," using rcon/HLSW/server console. It'll tell you why it failed to load. -- BAILOPAN 11:29, 13 September 2006 (CDT)

L 09/12/2006 - 15:33:08: [AMXX] Plugin "miscstats.amx" failed to load: Plugin uses an unknown function (name "is_module_running") - check your modules.ini.

that comes in the amxx logs...