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oh, hello. You can see my AMX Mod X profile here: a link for you.

If you need to contact me, you can PM me on the forums, add to my discussion page, etc.

Avatar History

I've had a long history of avatars over the past two years on the forums. I obsess over my avatars, to say the least - they have to be my liking and I can spend hours tweaking them. For no reason in particular, here are all of them in general chronological order.

Avatar Description
Bail blank face avatar.jpg I used this avatar for at least two years before the forums. It was an inside joke amongst friends who thought I never revealed anything about myself.
Bail madhatter avatar.gif This is the Mad Hatter from the Disney animated film Alice in Wonderland.
Bail pwned avatar.gif I stole this and edited it from one of Bender's CS cartoons. I cannot find the English version anymore, but here is the German one. RULT!
Bail buu avatar.gif This is Majin Buu from the anime/manga Dragonball Z. It was prettied up for me by User:Freecode. I consider it my best avatar to date, and when I switched I got a few comments from people who were used to it and were upset by the change.
Bail goten avatar.JPG This is Goten from the very end of Dragonball Z. I edited it to modify facial features and make the background more transparent (I do not have the original), but the quality is poor.
Bail emperor avatar.png This is Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars Episode 6 - Return of the Jedi.
Bail avatar dai soutou1.png This is Dai Soutou (Fuhrer) King Bradley, the ruler of the fictional country Amestris in the excellent anime/manga Fullmetal Alchemist.
Dai Soutou.gif Same as above, except I ripped a nicer looking (but more comical) image from an art book.
Bail Gaben Avatar.jpg This is my 2006 April Fool's day avatar. It's Gabe Newell's face with a Dai Soutou military uniform, eyepatch, and moustache.
Bail SaiAvatar2.gif This is Fujiwara no Sai (Sai of the Fujiwara), from the manga of Hikaru no Go. He is a ghost who plays Go.
BailCowAvatar.jpg This avatar is a parody of sawce's (from Weebl's Stuff, Magical Trevor). It spurred a long chain of cow avatars on the forums, which will be archived here someday.
BailAvatar Father.gif This is the (so far mysterious) overlord "Father" from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga.
Bail Filburt.gif This is "Filburt" from Rocko's Modern Life. He's a turtle.
Avatar jordan.png This is Jordan Sullivan from Scrubs. She's very mean.


I was on Team3D for approximately 18 hours. It was the greatest thing to ever happen in my life.


My website is at but there is nothing interesting there.


My What page: User:BAILOPAN (What).

“I think it's fair to say I'm hooked.”

~ Gabe Newell on BAILOPAN. no, wait, darwinia