CBaseAnimating (CS)

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Basic Information

  • Classname: CBaseAnimating.
  • Description: Every entity that has a model uses CBaseAnimating. Classes derived from CBaseAnimating can set a model and animate.

Class Hierarchy

Entity Data

W = Windows | L = Linux

Name W. Offset L. Offset L. Diff Type Description
m_flFrameRate 36 41 +5 float Computed FPS for current sequence.
m_flGroundSpeed 37 42 +5 float Computed linear movement rate for current sequence.
m_flLastEventCheck 38 43 +5 float Last time the event list was checked.
m_fSequenceFinished 39 44 +5 BOOL Flag set when StudioAdvanceFrame moves across a frame boundry.
m_fSequenceLoops 40 45 +5 BOOL True if the sequence loops.

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