CBlood (CS)

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Basic Information

  • Classname: CBlood.
  • Description: Spawns some blood spray, simulating damage.

Class Hierarchy

Entity Data


Entity Attributes

  • Name (targetname) - Property used to identify entities.
  • Pitch Yaw Roll (angles) - Sets the pitch (up / down), yaw (left / right) and roll (bank) respectively. The compass in WorldCraft / Hammer corresponds to Yaw. The settings are not always (or not all) used.
  • Blood color (color) - 0 for red, 1 for yellow.
  • Amount of blood (amount) - The higher the value, the more gruesome.

Entity Flags

// Spawn Flags
#define SF_BLOOD_RANDOM	 0x0001  // Random Direction - Blood sprays randomly, ignoring Yaw value.
#define SF_BLOOD_STREAM	 0x0002  // Blood Stream     - Shoots a stream of particles instead of just a splash.
#define SF_BLOOD_PLAYER	 0x0004  // On Player        - The blood emanates from the player that triggered it.
#define SF_BLOOD_DECAL	 0x0008  // Spray decals     - Creates blood decals on any surface in the direction the blood shoots.

HLSDK Reference

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