CFade (CS)

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Basic Information

  • Classname: CFade.
  • Description: This entity can be used to fade the screen out/in.

Class Hierarchy

Entity Data


Entity Attributes

  • Fade Alpha (renderamt)
  • Fade Color (rendercolor)
  • Duration - How long (or graduation) it takes to fade
  • Hold Fade - How long to hold the full fade effect after the fade in

Entity Flags

// pev->dmg_take is duration
// pev->dmg_save is hold duration
#define SF_FADE_IN	  0x0001  // Fade in, not out
#define SF_FADE_MODULATE  0x0002  // Modulate, don't blend
#define SF_FADE_ONLYONE	  0x0004

HLSDK Reference

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