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Basic Information

  • Classname: CMessage.
  • Description: This entity allows you to display preset text messages for the player.

Class Hierarchy

Entity Data


Entity Attributes

  • Name (targetname) - Property used to identify entities.
  • Target (target) - When an entity is activated, it triggers the entity with the name specified by Target.
  • Message Name (message) - The name of the message (see note below)
  • path/filename.wav of WAV (messagesound)
  • Volume 0-10 (messagevolume)
  • Sound Radius (messageattenuation)
0 = Small Radius
1 = Medium Radius
2 = Large Radius
3 = Play Everywhere

Entity Flags

// Spawn flag
#define SF_MESSAGE_ONCE 0x0001  // Play Once   - Send to one client
#define SF_MESSAGE_ALL	0x0002	// All Clients - Send to all clients


  • This entity only allows the use of predefined text messages. These are found in the 'titles.txt' file.
  • This entity is only really useful for mods, where a custom 'titles.txt' file is distributed, either in the PAK, or in the mod's root folder. To see how to construct your own file, read through Valve's comments in their one. Use the game_text entity referenced below for easier messaging that doesn't require distribution of anything but the map itself.

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