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AMWiki is a temporary name pending the upcoming unification of various similar projects. It is designed to join information from SourceMod, Metamod:Source, Metamod, AMX Mod X, and SourceHook.

The documentation contained within is targetting toward the following areas. Please note that these areas are server-side -- AMWiki is not concerned with client-side modifications (yet).

AMWiki Rules

Please read Help:Editing for more information how to edit or create articles. AMWiki has the following conventions:

  • Use categories. For example, an AMX Mod X scripting tutorial for message events would be under "AMX Mod X" and its subcategory "Scripting".
  • Try to use comments and denote whether a change is minor or not. This helps people browse through changes.
  • Use good article names. For example, the article above would be best named "Message Events in AMX Mod X", rather than "register_event".
  • Note capitilization, punctuation, and most importantly spelling, to create a clean, easily readable article.
  • Off-Topic discussion is only allowed when it's directly related to the community. If you are going to make a joke post, please put (what) in the title. For example, User:BAILOPAN (What). Try to keep off topic content in an on topic post to an absolute minimum.
  • All content must be "clean". This means no illegal material, no pornography, no racial slurs, no flame wars, and no otherwise offensive material. It will be removed.
  • Rather than becoming engaged in an Edit War, you should click on an article's Discussion page and discuss the matter with other users. If necessary, moderators will lock pages from being edited.

AMWiki Authority

To see the people given administrator powers on AMWiki, for the purpose of maintaining and writing articles, see AMWiki:Authority.