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Installing SourceMod is very simple, and it can be added with almost no configuration changes.


A GUI Web Browser to retrieve Metamod:Source and SourceMod compressed archives. A tool to copy archive to your dedicated server host.

SourceMod requires Metamod:Source 1.9.0 or higher (it is recommended that the latest version is used). Click here to visit the Metamod:Source homepage. Instructions to install Metamod:Source manually can be found here.

SourceMod will run on almost any mod built using the Source SDK. Only the latest release of a mod is officially supported.

Valve sometimes makes changes in their games that break SourceMod between releases. When this happens, you may need to install snapshot versions of Metamod:Source and SourceMod. You can see if this is required on the Required Versions page.


Local Server

To install SourceMod locally, simply extract the .zip (Windows) or .tar.gz (Linux) package to your mod folder (i.e. cstrike for Counter-Strike, dod for Day of Defeat, et cetera).

Remote Server

To install SourceMod remotely, first extract the .zip (Windows) or .tar.gz (Linux) package to your local computer (for example, your Desktop). You will see an addons folder.

Using a tool such as FTP, locate your mod folder (i.e. cstrike for Counter-Strike:Source, dod for Day of Defeat:Source, et cetera). Underneath this folder, you should have an addons folder (if not, Metamod:Source is probably not installed). From your local addons folder, upload the entire contents to your remote addons folder. When done, your remote addons folder should have a sourcemod folder.

If you have trouble with these steps, you need to get acquainted with FTP and server management. However, you can also ask your server provider for help. Some providers also have web interfaces for managing your server.

Alternatively, if you copied the tar.gz to your srcds directory, execute the following from the cstrike sub directory: tar -xzf ../sourcemod-1.1.0.tar.gz

Checking the Install

Your folder layout should look like:

  • [mod] - Your mod's folder
    • addons
      • metamod - Metamod:Source
      • sourcemod - SourceMod

Once SourceMod is uploaded/copied and configured with Metamod:Source, restart your server completely. If it is local, shut it down and restart it. If it is remote, you may need to ask your server provider for help. However, it is often safe to issue a "quit" command via rcon, since most providers will automatically restart your server.

First, in your server console (not client console), type:

meta list

If the install worked, you will see something like:

] meta list
Listing 1 plugin:
    [01] SourceMod ( by AlliedModders LLC

You should then be able to use the SourceMod root console command, which can be invoked with simply:


For example:

] sm version
 SourceMod Version Information:
    SourceMod Version:
    SourcePawn Engine: SourcePawn 1.1, jit-x86 (build 1.1.0-svn)
    SourcePawn API: v1 = 4, v2 = 2
    Compiled on: Sep  5 2008 02:02:12

Lastly, assuming you have already setup your administration user (if not, see this page), you can test the in game menu by joining the server, and in the client console type the following:


You should see a menu popup with all you options.


If the install failed, you will generally see one of four symptoms.

Metamod reports NOFILE or FAILED

If "meta list" replies with something like this:

] meta list
Listing 1 plugin:
  [01] <NOFILE>

Most likely, either the files are not located in the correct place, or the file could not be loaded. For more information, use the following command (except use the correct list number):

meta info 1

Metamod lists no plugins

If "meta list" replies with something like this:

] meta list
Listing 0 plugins:

There are several causes of this error.

  1. The most common cause is that sourcemod.vdf can't be located in the addons/metamod folder. Verify that sourcemod.vdf is present in this folder.
  2. If sourcemod.vdf is present, make sure you are using the correct build of Sourcemod (zip = windows, tar.gz = linux).

Metamod says nothing

If "meta list" has no reply at all, Metamod:Source is not properly installed. This wiki page may provide you with clues on how to solve this problem.