Porting to Swarm and CSGO

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This page is a stub. Somebody, anybody please pretty it up!

If coming from an Orangebox variant, Porting to Left 4 Dead may also be of interest.

[23:43] <MaxLap> hey psychon1c, is there a special sdk i need to make my extension compatible with csgo?
[23:43] <psychon1c> hl2sdk-csgo
[23:44] <knivey> lol
[23:44] <MaxLap> is there a place where it says where the sdks are? i can never find them...
[23:44] <psychon1c> hg.alliedmods.net/hl2sdks
[23:44] <MaxLap> Thank you sir, i'll try try to remember that its in the source control!
[23:45] <psychon1c> for an sdk extension, make sure to also link the interfaces lib
[23:45] <psychon1c> (new starting with swarm)
[23:46] <psychon1c> you'll also have to define COMPILER_MSVC and COMPILER_MSVC32 on windows or COMPILER_GCC on linux/mac
[23:46] <psychon1c> the sample makefile and projects were updated
[23:47] <psychon1c> i think there are some other small differences. i was going to make a wiki page, similar to the porting to orangebox and porting to l4d pages
[23:47] <psychon1c> but then i didn't
[23:47] <psychon1c> the things for porting to l4d still apply if you're coming up from css
[23:47] <MaxLap> How complicated will it be for me to make my extension work for both css and csgo you think? its not really not deep in the sdk, but very deep in sm
[23:48] <psychon1c> MaxLap: if you have to use any of the sdk, you almost have to have separate builds (but you can use same code)
[23:48] <psychon1c> (or almost same code, maybe with a couple of ifdefs)
[23:48] <psychon1c> but anything using the sm apis is fine
[23:48] <MaxLap> Yeah, i feared that...
[23:49] <psychon1c> oh, for events, IEventListener2 has an extra member, starting in swarm i think
[23:49] <MaxLap> good thing i wasn't aiming at being ready for release then!
[23:49] <psychon1c> GetDebugId or GetEventDebugId, something like that
[23:50] <psychon1c> and just return 42 in the impl. there's a define for it, but i don't remember the name
[23:50] <psychon1c> should be in the header
[23:56] <MaxLap> you could just copy paste this conv in a page and then link to it lol