SourceMod 1.0.0 Release Notes

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SourceMod 1.0 is the first stable SourceMod branch. For its final release, there were a few changes to the beta package that were not backwards compatible. These changes are listed below.

It is highly recommended that users installing SourceMod 1.0 over a beta installation should start with a fresh install. You can merge configuration files in easily with a tool such as Beyond Compare or WinMerge.

Renamed Plugins

The following plugins have been renamed:

  • basefuncommands to funcommands
  • basefunvotes to funvotes

The "new" versions will fail to load if the "old" versions are loaded. This is a small preventative measure against accidents. You should completely remove the original plugins unless you had private modifications.

Removed Map Cvars

All "map file" cvars have been completely removed. There is no backwards compatibility shim for any of them.

To configure map lists, see Configuration#Map_Lists.

  • sm_randomcycle_file (from randomcycle). It now uses "randomcycle" in maplists.cfg.
  • sm_rtv_file (from rockthevote). It now uses "rockthevote" in maplists.cfg.
  • sm_mapvote_file (from mapchooser). It now uses "mapchooser" in maplists.cfg.

Removed Functions

The following functions had their implementations completely removed. Binaries referencing these functions are unlikely to exist because the functions have been exposed as stocks for over one thousand revisions. Most of these functions still have compatibility wrapper stocks so old source code will continue to compile (albeit with deprecation warnings).

  • IsPlayerInGame
  • KvJumpFirstSubKey (no stock equivalent existed)
  • KvJumpNextSubKey (no stock equivalent existed)
  • StrBreak
  • StrCopy
  • StrCompare

The following functions have been completely removed, both their implementation and any compatibility wrapper stocks. We could not identify any plugins which still used them.

  • ExtinguishPlayer (see ExtinguishEntity)
  • FloatRound (see RoundFloat)
  • IgnitePlayer (see IgniteEntity)
  • TeleportPlayer (see TeleportEntity)
  • GetNativeFloat (see GetNativeCell)
  • GetNativeHandle (see GetNativeCell)


Or lack thereof. Our apologies, but we were unable to get translations into this release. We will have a 1.0.1 release specifically to get the community translations in.