SourceMod 1.5.1 Release Notes

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SourceMod 1.5.1 is a minor bugfix release, largely quashing small regressions from 1.5.0

For the full SourceMod 1.5 release notes, click here.


User Changes:

  • Updated gamedata support for TF2.
  • Added missing DispatchKeyValue gamedata for HL2 CTF (bug 5114) (Peace-Maker).
  • Fixed translations not being loaded if identifier was not two or three characters (fixes Portuguese) (bug 5888).
  • Fixed runoff voting occurring when receiving the exact number of required votes (bug 5890).
  • Fixed reserve slot plugin hiding too many slots on Orangebox gamesif SourceTV and/or Replay are present (bug 5499).
  • Fixed some crashes in TF2 and unexpected behavior in all games with SDKHook_TakeDamage due to uninitialized var.
  • Fixed attempted triggers from gagged users displaying in chat (bug 5918).
  • Fixed errors in Italian translation (Oktober).
  • Added Norwegian translation (checkster).

Developer Changes:

  • Added CS_UpdateClientModel native to CStrike extension for CS:S and CS:GO (bug 5905) (Drifter).
  • Fixed setting weapon param in SDKHook_TakeDamage overwriting attacker instead of setting weapon (bug 5911) (KyleS).