SourceMod 1.5.3 Release Notes

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SourceMod 1.5.3 is a minor bugfix release For the full SourceMod 1.5 release notes, click here.


User Changes:

  • Updated support for CS:GO after multiple breaking game updates.
  • Updated gamedata support for GoldenEye: Source (Peace-Maker).
  • Fixed crash on SDKHooks extension load in Alien Swarm (bug 6059).
  • Fixed memory leak from unmanaged forwards never being freed (bug 6025).
  • Fixed possible crash when unloading the CStrike extension.
  • Fixed crash in SDKHooks Reload post-hook (Peace-Maker).
  • Fixed FakeClientCommandEx always leaking memory (bug 5678).
  • Fixed extra entity networking occuring with SetEntProp natives on some games.
  • Fixed being able to nominate same map multiple times (bug 5109).
  • Fixed spurious FindEntityByClassname error being logged on some games and platforms.
  • Fixed an Anti-Flood bypass exploit (bug 5394).
  • Removed part of Addresses gamedata error handling which could cause false errors to be logged (bug 6044).
  • Fixed mapchooser not resetting nominations count when clearing nominations list (bug 5359).
  • Improved performances of client convar query handling (bug 6003).

Developer Changes:

  • Added GiveAmmo native to SDKTools (bug 6039) (Peace-Maker).
  • Added SQL_SetCharset native to (re)set charset even after reconnect (bug 5786) (Peace-Maker).
  • Added support for entity references in SDKHooks natives (bug 6069).
  • Added support for server passwords to DisplayAskConnectBox stock (bug 5984) (FlaminSarge).
  • Renamed SortFunc2D parameters to match documentation (bug 6014) (Peace-Maker).
  • Fixed param order in AddToTopMenu function doc (bug 6035) (Peace-Maker).
  • Added |any| tag to WritePackCell and ReadPackCell native param/return values (bug 6001).
  • Updated SDKHook_TakeDamage native for game updates.
  • Added default infinite value for TF2_AddCondition duration.
  • Added support for conditions >= 64 in TF2_OnConditionAdded/Removed (bug 5565, bug 5976) (FlaminSarge).
  • Updated TFCond and TF customkill enum values (bug 6012) (FlaminSarge).
  • Fixed regression causing incorrect return and inability to block in TF2_OnCalcIsAttackCritical forward.
  • Fixed TE_* natives operating on incorrect data for some tempents (bug 6072).
  • Fixed CS_AliasToWeaponID not returning a valid weaponID for cz75a.
  • Fixed CS_GetWeaponPrice returning incorrect value for M4A1 in CS:GO (bug 6045).
  • Increased max gamedata byte signature length.
  • Ported SM build scripts to AMBuild2 (bug 5997).