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The SourceMod SDK is the Software Development Kit for writing SourceMod Extensions and Plugins. This article briefly introduces it.

Directory Structure

  • configs: Configuration files that SourceMod uses
  • editor: Editor related files
  • extensions: Publicly open-sourced extensions.
    • geoip: GeoIP extension.
    • threader: Threading extension.
  • plugins: SourceMod plugin implementations.
    • include: Include files and their documentation.
  • public: Public interface files.
    • doxygen: The SDK Doxygen file.
    • extensions: Public interface files that come from extensions.
    • licenses: License information.
    • sample_ext: A sample extension.
    • sourcepawn: SourcePawn header files.
  • sourcepawn: SourcePawn files.
    • compiler: SourcePawn compiler source code.
  • translations: Translation files.

Further Reading