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This is a page on how to do things that are common in plugins. These are intended to be best practices.

Determine if a client has access to something

Use the admin overrides system with the CheckCommandAccess function. For example, if you want to determine if a client has access to the sm_ban command:

if (CheckCommandAccess(client, "sm_ban", ADMFLAG_BAN)) {
    // client has access to the "sm_ban" command

The command parameter can be an arbitrary string; it does not have to point to a valid command:

if (CheckCommandAccess(client, "has_fancy_color_trails", ADMFLAG_CUSTOM1, true)) {
    // client has access to the "has_fancy_color_trails" override;
    // if an override entry isn't set it falls back to ADMFLAG_CUSTOM1.
    // ignores the privileges set on a command of that name if it exists

Under no circumstance should you leave the command parameter blank; even if you want to check access based on existing admin flags, you should provide a unique "command" string to allow server operators to override access themselves.

To assign access levels for specific strings, modify configs/admin_overrides.cfg.

For more detailed information, see this page on overriding command access.