SourceMod 1.0.1 Release Notes

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SourceMod 1.0.1 is a bug-fix upgrade from 1.0.0. It has no feature additions. If you need help upgrading, see Upgrading SourceMod.

  • Checkmark.gif All old plugins and extensions will continue to work.
  • Checkmark.gif This release has no configuration changes.
  • Checkmark.gif This release has no compatibility changes.
  • Checkmark.gif This release has no translation changes.



  • Fixed SDKTools compatibility for latest TF2 update.
  • Removed GivePlayerItem from TF2 (TF2 update broke functionality).
  • Fixed amb1688: GivePlayerItem offset was wrong for DoD:S Linux.
  • Fixed amb1657: Server console did not see admin version of sm_who.
  • Fixed amb1648: Stack corruption from GetClientEyeAngles() on Windows.
  • Fixed amb1646: NetFlow_Both did not work for client network statistics.
  • Fixed amb1601: Vote FF menu reading from sv_alltalk cvar instead of mp_friendlyfire.
  • Fixed amb1591: Fixed listen server crashes on mods like IOS:S which pre-add more than one bot.
  • Fixed amb1586: GetTeamName() could crash the server if called on load.
  • Fixed mapchooser's round counting for TF2.
  • Fixed a bug where an RTE on plugin load would throw a message referring to the plugin as "-1".
  • Symbols are no longer stripped on Linux.
  • Minor SourceMod SDK fixes.


The extension interface version has been bumped (from 3 to 4). Any extensions compiled against 1.0.1 will require 1.0.1 or higher to run. Extensions against 1.0.0 will continue to run normally.