CMultiManager (CS)

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W = Windows | L = Linux

Name W. Offset L. Offset L. Diff Type Description
m_cTargets 73 78 +5 int The total number of targets in this manager's fire list.
m_index 74 79 +5 int Current target.
m_startTime 75 80 +5 float Time we started firing.
m_iTargetName 76 81 +5 int[MAX_MULTI_TARGETS] List if indexes into global string array.
m_flTargetDelay 92 97 +5 float[MAX_MULTI_TARGETS] Delay (in seconds) from time of manager fire to target fire.


// Spawn flags
#define SF_MULTIMAN_CLONE	0x80000000
#define SF_MULTIMAN_THREAD	0x00000001
#define MAX_MULTI_TARGETS	16 // maximum number of targets a single multi_manager entity may be assigned.